iTube The Best App To Download Youtube Videos

As we all watch videos and movies in YouTube there are lots of stuff to watch and many videos are also being uploaded every day. And so it is fun to watch the video and stay entertain in your boring life. But here YouTube have some of the limitation that only if you are having an internet connection, you can watch the video. And there is no chance for you to watch them offline i.e. you cannot download any of the videos you watch on YouTube.

So for downloading the YouTube video you must have the third party that would help you to download. And the third party is the iTube; iTube is one of the famous YouTube video downloaders. iTube is a mobile app that is used for watching and downloading the videos from the YouTube. And it is also one of the most downloaded app for and Android device. iTube is not available on the Google play store as they are the iPhone apps. You can download this app on your Android device by using the APK file format.


The iTube will also enable you to manage and handle the YouTube channel and use the app as MP3 player or download it.So overall this is a complete packs for you that offers you to watch YouTube video, listen MP3 and also download them instantly.

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Special Features of iTube for android

Apart being able to download the videos from the YouTube channels, iTube also gives you certain features that will make give you freedom to use the app. This app is completely free of cost, just download once and enjoy the outstanding app and it performance.

Some of the features of iTube app give you when you use it are like-

  • You can optimize the YouTube video for watch them now or later in your phone.
  • You can download any video from using the iTube app easily by using the search engine provided.
  • You can organize and manage video playlist and also song list.
  • You can keep an eye on the watched history etc. and much more.
  • plays the video on background which is very interesting feature that you will not get while playing video on YouTube.
  • And last and most importantly, once you download the app you can take full control over YouTube. As you can download video and even select the quality of the video such as HD, MP4, even 3GP format. And all the video after download you can watch them offline.

Conclusion – iTube Apk App

So this is some of the important details for the iTube apps, that you can use for managing the YouTube. Not only watch YouTube video but also download them and let your friends and loved one see them too. And all the freedom you can only get if you had the iTube installed on your Device.Undoubtedly we can say itube is the best app to download youtube videos.

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