Lose Weight Without Dieting-for Android-Get slim with a smile!

How to lose weight, how to stick to a healthy diet, how to count calories, which diet is the best and most effective? Many people are looking for the correct answers to these questions today. The good news is that some of them can be answered with the help of a new application for smartphones and tablets called “Lose weight without dieting”.

Free — and beneficial!

Download this free app, and since the first day it will become your friend and adviser on the challenging quest of losing weight. We all know that it’s fairly easy to start – but it’s really hard to force yourself to stay on track. The application will support you in this with its rich variety of features that will help you keep going. Don’t worry about having to figure out how tthe application works – you will understand everything once you first run it.

First of all the application registers all the calories received and burnt.

Select Meal

Secondly, it can serve as a diary to mark all your “on track” and “off track” steps and record everything you eat and drink. The program monitors all the calories you have received, calculates the proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and shows you what you can and should give up, and which foods are a definite go.

Thirdly, the app advises you what to choose, helping you understand which products are the most recommendable to you. In fact, you really don’t need a diet. The key is to eat in moderation, eat often, but in small portions, and make sure that the products you consume are healthy and nutricious. The app will help you make all the relevant calculations. You’ll get a lot of useful tips based on your individual qualities ─ height, age, weight, lifestyle. Thus, the program performs the following functions:

  • counts calories;
  • serves as your nutrition diary;
  • suggests the meal plans;
  • gives advices.

Helpful Mint

Why Choose This App

You won’t need any extra knowledge to be able to use this app. Just follow its “advice”, and it will tell you what steps and actions to take. Statistics are maintained on a daily basis, so that at the end of each day, you will see a result. With such precision, result will be quite noticeable from early on, you will feel it by the end of  week 1.

As it was already mentioned above, the application is free. However, you can pay to opt out of advertising. Using the free version, you can earn bonuses, which, in turn, will give you a discount when you buy the paid version of the software.

Very often we ignore the necessity of regularity and frequency of eating.  You will find the app useful in this respect as well – it will you when it’s time to eat. It will also tell you which product you should prefer at this or that time.

Personalized food and nutrition programs

Nutrion app

This app offers general food programs which will be immediately adjusted according to your personal data. The user can choose a specific program and make changes to it. You can also create a completely new, your very own, program, based on your own tastes and preferences. At any point you can make changes to help you achieve a better result.

The app has an elegant design and a user-friendly interface. The database is updated regularly, which makes it possible for you to progress, enhancing the efficiency of the application.

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