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[GBAemulator] Best Gameboy Advance Emulators

GameBoy emulator: GBA emulators are now available for ios and Android smartphones too. One can easily download their favorite one from google play store or from any online portal. GBA emulator apk versions are available on plethora internet portals, SO make sure to get them from trusted sources only. 

Best GBA Emulators 2019

Visual boy advance is not much better than regular GBA emulator. Which makes most of us get attached with Gameboy Advance emulators. Here in this post, we share the top three best GBA emulators for your windows computer.

A plethora of queries related as followers was made to us by most of you people. Which made us to clear all the below mentioned questions:

  • What is the best Gameboy Advance emulator?
  • Can Desmume run GBA games?
  • Are emulators legal?
  • Can you get Gameboy emulator on iPhone?


NO$GBA is a fantastic emulator and the reason being is its multiplay support feature. Which means that we can play multiplayer games on a single pc. The emulator doesn’t need multiple computers too! As everything can be performed on a single monitor screen itself.

For this, all you need to do is go ahead to File tab > Then under cartridge you can find the available empty slots. Go ahead across the Utility tab to navigate under cheats. This feature allows you to Add New or edit/delete the existing cheats. NO$GBA emulator comes with default tab which prints the screen and one can easily customize the emulator settings too. These all features from NO$GBA makes worth to try under multiplayer mode.

Download NO$GBA

#2 BizHawk

Bizhawk is another fantastic emulator which makes your gameplay smoother and faster. With regular updates in the programs and bug fixes made the emulator used by plethora Nintendo gamers out there. The UI of the emulator looks fresh and the menu located in the top bar makes you feel friendlier to use. With a plethora of advanced features and options, the emulator is lovely to use.


  • Change Windows Size
  • Display’s FPS
  • Screenshots

Download BizHawk

#3 VisualBoyAdvance

Visual boy advance is the best and highly rates GBA emulator available in the market. The emulator is around since the past couple of years. But the saddest part of using VBA is that the developers have no updates for it. The emulators perform smoother with no bugs/glitches. But yet it’s a shame for it as its been a long time since the past update has released. But in most cases. This is the best emulator ever which I’ve recommend to you tp play GBA games on a computer.

Wrapping up, These were the Best Gameboy Advance Emulators to play GBA games on. Hope you found this list interesting. Make sure to share the name of the emulator which you use the most in the comments section below. And do promote us by sharing this post on your social walls.

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