µTorrent will be ever present in your web browser with its next major update:

uTorrent (also known as µTorrent) is one of the most famous torrents around the globe. Bit Torrent is the company behind this and they have more than 150 million users worldwide. Currently, users can install the program and download the torrents. This is how it works as of now. But soon that would be changing with the software available as a built-in browser app (or Extension).

Recently in ‘Steal This Show’ podcast, Bram Cohen, the creator of Bit Torrent, broke the news. He revealed that the next version of the program will be able to run directly from your default browser. It will be a much richer user experience, he said. But he also knows that testing the feature and getting the feedback is the most important thing for the company. He is keen on releasing it to a small community first to gain the green signal. He said “We are very sensitive. We know people have been using our software for decades and loving it. So, we are very sensitive to that and want to make sure people feel that upgrade is happening. Not that we have just destroyed the experience.


Previously, µTorrent was making revenue through toolbar installations and ads. It is currently available in Free, Ad Free and Pro versions. It has recently shifted to in-app ad revenue generation after the advent of smartphones. The changes in modern web browser technologies have forced the torrent giants to come up with this feature. We can’t wait to test this feature as soon as it rolls out.

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