Smart Game Booster Review

We are going through a tough phase of our lives. We know that there is Corona pandemic is running all over the world. Due to the epidemic, all world is under a complete lockdown. Therefore, the citizens are finding some escape plan to get out of their boredom. What could be better than playing games with your friends or on your computer during this period? 

However, sometimes we cannot be able to play our favourite games. It could be due to the slow performance of your system. The games like Call of Duty and other massive games required a great performance PC. We know that not everyone can go out and upgrade their system. Therefore, we came up with a solution “Smart Game Booster” to boost your PC performance. This software will help you to increase your PC performance and also helps you to run your games smoothly.

What is Smart Game Booster?

Smart Game Booster is software from PCGameboost. It is generally a system optimizing software that helps in increasing the performance of PC. Moreover, It is specifically designed for the games. It includes various features that can help in performing other tasks as well, such as overlocking of CPU, Disk defragment, FPS booster and PC Temperature monitor.

Moreover, It will also help your system to notify if any of your PC drivers need an update or not.

What do we like most about this software?

Here we come to the central part of our review. There are many features and some of them I had mentioned above as well, but I would like to highlight some features that I personally like about this software.

Sound Test:

Sound is an essential part while we play games. There is no fun in playing games without listening to the proper game sound. Therefore, to ensure that our sound system is working or not? 

We need to check it. Smart Game Booster not only allows you to boost your PC performance, but it also does provide a sound test facility to its users.

CPU Temp Monitor:

The second feature that I like most about this software is CPU Temp Monitor. It comes handy in diagnosing the critical performing issues in the CPU. We know that our system “CPU, GPU, Hard Disk, Mother Board” get heated while playing games. This function will allow the user to check out a detailed report about CPU Temperature, and it also does alert when the system is overheated.

Mic Tester:

Mic Tester, It is also an amazing function in Smart Game Booster. It does allow you to test your mic while playing multiplayer games to check either the mic is working or not?

My Opinion?

We know that there are many PC optimizers available over the internet, but, among others, we have found Smart Game Booster is a better option to optimize and increase PC performance. It has all the features that an optimizer need. So, in my opinion, it would be the perfect choice to download and use this software.

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