Download AppValley Installer for iPhone/iPad & Get Premium Apps and Games for Free

Install AppValley on iOS devices without Jailbreak: With the increasing number of third-party apps, the iOS users are missing out on many with every passing day. Because of the security policies of Apple, the app store does not provide you with all the apps which other systems are able to support. To help iOS users enjoy these apps, a third-party app installer is introduced. AppValley is the most popular app store for iOS to download third-party apps and games. Besides this, it gives you access to modded, tweaked and hacked apps. It has got apps of all kinds from entertainment, social networking and instant messaging to health and education apps. You can even install the premium apps in the Apple app store for free using AppValley.

AppValley is well known for its great collection of apps and the ease with which you can download them into your iOS devices. The iOS users don’t even have to think about jailbreaking your devices anymore. With AppValley, anything is possible on your iOS devices.

AppValley Installer
AppValley Installer

Many new app stores are coming up in the market for iOS. However, more and more people prefer to use AppValley because of the excellent performance and huge database it offers for iOS devices. Ever since its launch, the number of users has increased exponentially. If you wish to download AppValley on iOS, we have given the installation process in detail. TweakBox Installer is another best alternative to get your favorite apps and games.

Features of AppValley on iOS

AppValley has got many new and advanced features to offer you that no other app installer has brought up till now. That is why it still tops the list of the best third-party app installers for iOS. Let us look at the features of AppValley on iOS.

  1. It provides a huge app library consisting of modded, hacked and tweaked apps.
  2. It is a free app installer. You don’t even have to pay for the premium apps.
  3. The user interface is great. The simplicity of the app installer makes it everyone’s favorite.
  4. The download speed is also amazing. You can get all the apps you wish for within seconds.
  5. AppValley is well designed and categorized. The organized look makes the search process easier.

    Cydia Alternative - AppValley
    Cydia Alternative – AppValley

With every update, new apps and feature are being added to AppValley. It also provides an enhanced user experience by providing everything that iOS users wish to have on their iDevices.

How to Install AppValley on iOS Devices Without Jailbreak

AppValley for iOS has new apps for you every day. With mods, tweaks and premium apps, it offers quite a bunch of apps and features to enhance the performance of your iOS. It also offers complete customization of your iDevices. If you need AppValley on your iOS, follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all, you need to open the Safari Browser on iOS. On the address bar, enter the following link: and navigate to the page.
  2. You will be taken to the official website of AppValley. Here, an Install AppValley button will be displayed which you need to click.

    AppValley Third Party Apps Store on iOS
    AppValley Third Party Apps Store on iOS
  3. A notification will pop up in the browser asking for confirmation to download AppValley. You need to tap on Allow and proceed.
  4. Once the download is over, if you are using iOS 12.1.2 or below, you will be redirected to the Settings. Here you will find the AppValley Installer profile. Hit the Install button.
  5. You will be asked to type your passcode. Enter this and click on the Install button.
  6. If you are using iOS 12.2 or above, you have to take the Settings. Tap on Profile & Device Management option. Take the AppValley profile and click on Install profile. Confirm the installation.

    AppValley Download on iOS
    AppValley Download on iOS

AppValley for iOS will be installed shortly. You can launch this and search for the apps you need to download. It is easy to use. As there is no jailbreak, AppValley is the safest and most reliable source of third-party apps for iOS.


1) Is it safe to use AppValley?

AppValley does not interfere with the Apple systems. Also, there is no jailbreak involved in downloading apps. AppValley is with very minimal errors and is completely safe to use on your iOS devices.

2) Does AppValley get revoked?

AppValley will not get revoked. Even if you experience such a situation, simply delete the app and re-install it. You can use AppValley smoothly.

3) Is it legal to use AppValley?

AppValley is the most trusted source to get third-party apps. With each new update, all it does is to add more apps and features to AppValley so that the users can have a better experience while using it.

4) Is it possible to get AppValley on Android?

AppValley is only available for iOS. Till now, AppValley is not planning to provide the service on Android.

So, go ahead and install AppValley to make the best out of your iOS devices. All the apps are safe to download. Enjoy!

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