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How to Set up Craigslist Alerts [Email/SMS] [Detailed]

You must be aware of the well-known advertising website ‘Craigslist.’ It is an American Classified website devoted to jobs, housing, sales and many other postings. It does not matter either you are looking for a house for sale or gadgets to purchase on Craigslist. You will have to keep checking the website for the latest information.

But, with the Craigslist alerts. You do not have to keep checking the website all the time to get notified about the new postings or alerts. You will get notified when the new post gets up on the website that matches your preferences.

But, for this. You need to set up the Craigslist alerts. In this article, we will add the particular process of setting alerts on email and SMS. Let’s have a look.

How to Set up Craigslist Alerts on Emails?

Craigslist enables built-in email alerts for its users. You will quickly get an email when the new post gets up on the website.

However, to set up the email notifications. You need to visit the official website of Craigslist. Just perform any search for anything. For example, you can search for a house.

After that, enter all the required information while clicking on the search button. You now have to press the save search button.

  • Just look for the save search button on the top corner in the search results. The same will be present in the mobile application as well.

Craigslist Alerts on email

  • Now, the website will ask you to get logged into the account. You can register for the new account at the same time if using Craigslist for the first time.
  • You now will get redirected to the saved search page. You now have to tick on the alerts button if you are willing to receive email alerts for the same.

Craigslist Alerts email

  • Just remember, the more specific you will search. The more specific notifications will appear in your mailbox. 

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How to Set up Craigslist Alerts on SMS?

As of now, Craigslist does not have its built-in SMS alerts service. But, if you want to receive the SMS alerts then you can use IFTTT (If this, then that) service.

For instance, IFTTT is a useful service for getting instant notifications about anything.

Update – IFTTT no longer provides SMS notifications. Therefore, you need to install the application for getting push notification alerts.

To set up the SMS notification, one needs to visit the IFTTT website. After that, create an account for the same. Just log into your account and click on my Applets. You can do the same on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

  • Just click on the new applet page and click this link.
  • You now have to search for the classifieds option. 
  • Just click on it.
  • Just select the new post from the search.
  • After that, copy the address URL and paste it into the box.

Craigslist Alerts on email

  • When you are done, click on the ‘create a trigger.’ button.
  • Just click on that link after that. It is to check what happens when the trigger gets activated.
  • Click on the SMS option and then ‘Send me an SMS.’

Craigslist Alerts on sms

  • That’s all. Just save the default settings and make sure the applet is live.

Craigslist Alerts on sms

  • You even have to enter the phone number for receiving SMS alerts.


Craigslist is an American Classified website devoted to jobs, housing, sale and many other postings. However, this article is all dedicated to enabling Craigslist Alerts. Here, we have added every information and process you need to know for setuping the Craigslist alerts for email and SMS.

We hope the information we have added here helps. If there is something else to ask? You can always ask us in the comments section.

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