What makes buying electronic components online so easy

The eCommerce world is growing every day, which means that more and more businesses are starting to move into the digital sphere. This includes the electronic components industry, so naturally lots of companies are now ordering the parts they need on the internet. But what is it about the internet that makes getting your electronic components so easy?

If you’re still set on buying parts in person the old-fashioned way, this blog could change your mind and encourage you to make the switch. Here are some of the things that make buying components online the easiest thing you could do:

New technologies

The internet is constantly becoming more user-friendly thanks to new technology. Processes are becoming faster and it’s easier than ever to find what you need and get it delivered. An example of this technology is the BOM tool by Sourcengine, which gives you easy access to thousands of products at the same time. Find quotes and filter results with just a few clicks – there’s no need to scroll endlessly and create your own spreadsheets to compare and contrast prices. You’ll be able to find the products that are in stock and instantly see what delivery window they can arrive in.


The range of products you have access to online is much greater than the ones you’ll find in any shop. You can find virtually any electronic component online, which makes it easy to order all your parts in one place. You won’t have to drive to different warehouses anymore, simply click on the category you need and add your components to your basket without a second thought. A wide range is especially useful for businesses that need to find rare parts or have a large offering themselves. If you stock lots of different types of devices, you’re going to need all the parts you can get to meet your customer demand.


Every purchase you make online will be recorded on your online account. In person, you probably have to rely on paper invoices, which can be easily misplaced. When ordering on the internet, you’ll be able to link your purchases with your accounting software to keep track of your cash flow and expenses. Even if you do keep your paper invoices filed away safely, you might forget to add them to your expenses spreadsheet, throwing off your tax calculations for the year.

Customer Service

Having online records will make it much easier to refer to specific orders should you have any issues with some of the parts you purchased. Instead of scrambling to remember your order number or the date you made your purchase, you’ll be able to see all of this information readily available in your online account. You might not even need to ring the distributor on the phone, as some systems allow you to raise a request directly in the system. But if you do need to chat to someone, you’ll have the option of contacting them from your current location. No need to drive to the shop or warehouse to settle your complaint.

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