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How to Install Kodi on PS4?

Playstation is one of the best gaming platforms for the people who like to play indoor games. It is the world fastest gaming console which is used by a number of players. People love to play the games and it’s become more entertaining, when guests or friends at their place. They play an interesting game with the partners and enjoy it. Now a days, it is found that people are using the PlayStation not only to play games, but also to watch a high definition video. PS4 has all the latest and advanced technology and it is much better than PS3.

Kodi is an open source cross-platform software entertainment hub as well as media player for the digital media for Home Theater or PCs. It is mainly designed to be a media player for your living room; it would be an ideal choice for the living room. One can use the remote control to control the Kodi’s function. It has an amazing graphical user interface, which helps the user to easily watch the videos and browse efficiently, you can also view the podcasts, photos, hear the music from the optical disc, hardware, local network or the internet by just using a few buttons.

What is Kodi on PS4?

Usually, people play only games on playstation and most of the people know about the playstation. Still, some of the them don’t know that what is PlayStation, this PlayStation is a best gaming console, which is famous all over the world. PS is much better than Xbox and Wii. Kodi is a great option for PS4 user, but a bad news is, no one can install it on PS4 but there is an alternative for the Kodi, which has all the feature of Kodi. The alternative of Kodi is known as Plex.

Kodi on PS4 is a great media streaming device as well as one can play any kind of media (audio, video, book, etc.). Lots of people have tried to download and install the Kodi on PS4, but they failed to install it. Developers are still trying to develop the version that are available for PS4, but still, one will be able to avail the benefits of online streaming at your PS4. And even you can enjoy your favourite videos on your PS4.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is nothing but, HTPC application which is used by the user to stream and play video, view pictures, to record music, postcards and much more.

Kodi is available for various platform and operating system and hardware platform. A software platform having a 10 feet user interface for the use of television and remote controls. This is helpful for a live streaming media such as videos, postcards and many more directly from the internet along with this, the most common digital media from local as well as the storage media.

Kodi is highly customizable, there are a number of skins are available due to which appearance can change the look as well as various plugins helps the user to access the streaming media.

Kodi also allows you to install the other plugins, which will give you the access to contents, which is free and easily available on the content provider official websites. Kodi also has the good graphics, so it is recommended not to use it on the small phones. It properly works on the big phones only. Kodi not supply any type of content or media.

What are the Features of Kodi?

As Kodi is an open source media player, previously it was renowned as the Xbox Media player and it worked for the first generation Xbox game console only, but later on it is available for all operating system like Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, Android, Windows, etc. There are many features of koti, which are really beneficial for the users, some of the features are:

  • It is a centralized media store, so you can store all your content at one place. You can access all your content virtually, and most importantly, you can access it from anywhere
  • Koti not offer media itself, in this, a user has to provide own content to the online media
  • Koti is designed in an effective way and it is mainly for the TV audience who enjoy the digital content
  • Koti is an amazing platform, which supports all the video and audio file formats
  • One can easily run all the old and new files
  • If one takes the help of plugins, one can easily stream the sites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc., which offer free video services
  • Kodi also supports weather forecasts reports, slideshow, audio visualizations, etc.

How to Install Kodi on PS4?

After knowing the features about Kodi, one will look for the method to install the Kodi on PS4 because Kodi has an amazing feature. It is very important for people to know that how to install Kodi on PS4?

We all want to know about the process of installing on Kodi PS4. As kodi is available for all major platforms like android, macOS, iOS, etc., but unfortunately Kodi installing process is not available for PS4. Yes, it is true, Kodi is not available for PS4, but you don’t worry because there are an alternative for Kodi, which works on PS4 as well. An Alternative of Kodi is Plex. So, if you want to avail the benefits of Kodi’s feature, then you can install the Plex on PS4.

How to Install Plex?

Kodi on PS4

As Plex is considered as the best alternative for Kodi. If you want to install it, then you must have to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, you have to start your PlayStation console.
  • Launch the PlayStation store.
  • When you open the playstation store, on the homepage, you will see the Apps options. You have to click on apps option.
  • When you click on the apps option, then you will be able to see lots of applications. So you have to scroll until, you will not find the Plex icon.
  • Click on the Plex icon, so the download will start.
  • Once download is complete, then wait for the installation.
  • Few seconds are required to install the Plex, after the installation, open Plex.
  • When you see, installation is done, then click on “Start” option.
  • There is one more option for a user, that you can open the Plex from video tab or TV on your home screen.
  • To access the features of Plex, you have to login to your Plex account. If you haven’t used Plex account before, then you can create the Plex account. You can create an account by visiting the Plex official site.
  • With the credentials of Plex, you have to sign in your account on the PS4.
  • When you logged into your account, the application will show you a link and code from the TV screen.
  • Now you have to enter that code from the TV screen and you have to click on a link.
  • Once you click on the link, then the message will popup i.e. “App Linked”.
  • Now, another step is to download the Plex application on your Android phone.
  • Go to the Google store, search Plex and when you see the app download it.
  • Now login in Plex with your plex account details and click on “Stay in Trial Mode”.
  • After that, go in the settings > system, then enable these options: “Advertise as a server”, “Network Discovery”, and “Show Camera Roll Media”.

It is an easy and simple method to download and install Plex. As Kodi is not available for PS4, so we chose an alternative option to avail the similar features of Kodi on PS4. Therefore, if one have to install Plex, then one must have to follow the above steps. By following steps by steps, you will be able to install the Plex on your PS4.


As Plex is an alternate option of Kodi, so in other words, it can be said you have successfully installed Kodi on PS4. If your Android phone and PS4 are connected with the same network connection, then you will be able to access all the videos and file from your Android phone onto the PS4. Hence, it is best for you to do the video streaming on your phone onto the PS4.

If you are really looking for the Kodi, then you must have to try the Plex. Now what are waiting for, enjoy all the feature of Plex and enjoy the high quality videos on your PS4 with your beloved ones or friends.

The users who have already used Kodi gave a rating and reviews about it. If you are a new user and want to know about its services or features by its real users, then you can read the reviews. So you will come to know that what kind of experience people have and you should have to use it or not.

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