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How to make ZbigZ Premium Account 2018 Free for Lifetime?

We are living in the world of technology. For most of the things, we depend on the internet. For the benefits of people, applications and technology introduced almost everyday. In a same way, ZbigZ is very helpful for the people who want to download the torrent files. Normally people use a ‘Download Manager’ to download the files because everyone knows that Utorrent gives very less download speed for the torrent.

In a simple word, we can say that ZbigZ works as a gateway between the user and BitTorrent means, to download the files, you don’t have to put lots of efforts to finding the complicated software for downloading the file, your work will be done by ZbigZ, which is already pre-configured. It is an easy and simple way to download the torrent files.

What is ZbigZ?

Lots of people don’t know about that what is ZbigZ? If you are also one of them, then it would be good to know that ZbigZ is a free torrent client, which runs on the web browser. When one uses the ZbigZ, then it is not required to download other software.

ZbigZ has a basic (free) and premium account, one will not able to access the entire feature at basic account. If one wants to access all the features of ZbigZ, then he or she must have to take the ZbigZ premium account. For premium account, one has to pay some extra money, but it is not possible for everyone to buy the premium account. If you also don’t want to spend extra money for premium account, then you can make ZbigZ premium account free for lifetime.

What are the Benefits of ZbigZ?

Here are the benefits of ZbigZ, that will help the people to know that why to use ZbigZ:

  • Works with any web browser, even one can use it on the mobiles as well
  • Software download not necessary
  • No need to share or upload any files
  • No registration required
  • One can download the files in bulk
  • Supports resumed or paused downloads
  • Protects privacy with the hidden IP address

What are the Cons of ZbigZ?

Everything has its cons, in a same way ZbigZ also have some cons, here are the cons:

  • Restrict download speed
  • Ad supported
  • Torrents aren’t cached unless one actively utilizing the website

How to Use ZbigZ?

For every person, it would be good to know that how to use ZbigZ before taking premium account. Because it is important that one must know all the basic about ZbigZ. It is quite different than the normal torrent client because ZbigZ is not actual software. Here are the ways through which one will know that how to use ZbigZ:

  • Firstly, you have to go to the main page. Then paste a torrent link, after that upload a .torrent file or you can enter the magnet link in the text area and then click the button GO.
  • As you are using a free account, so you have to click the large free cloud icon to tell that you are going to use the free account. After that, ZbigZ start the caching torrent, so one can easily download the files.
  • When the process is finished, you can see caching complete, then click any files that you want to download by choosing the download arrows that is available next to the file. On the other hand, you can also click the .zip to grab the entire torrent files.
  • Now click the free icon one more time to initiate the file download.

How to Use ZbigZ Premium Account?

When one knows that how to use the free account then it would also be easy for a person to use premium account. But one must know that how to use ZbigZ premium account, here are the steps to use premium account:

  • Open the ZbigZ website
  • Now Login with the username and password
  • After that you have to paste the torrent link that you want to download
  • Now wait for sometime
  • After sometime, download will be started

How to make ZbigZ Premium Account for Free?

Everyone wants to get a premium account, but for that they have to pay money. If a person doesn’t want to pay money to get the premium account, then here are the steps through which one will get the premium account for free. A person just has to follow the few steps to make the ZbigZ premium account for free:

  • First, you have to note down the user name and password for the ZbigZ premium account.
  • Now open the ZbigZ on your web browser.
  • Now click on the Login, after entering the username and password that you have noted in the first step.
  • Congratulation, after the above step, you will be logged into the ZbigZ premium account, now you can enjoy all the features of premium account.
  • Now you can download the torrent file or you can paste the magnet link of the torrent that you want to download.
  • It will start converting your torrent as well as the torrent will be available after sometime, which will depend on the seeds, torrent health, etc.
  • If the torrent health is great, then the less time is required to convert the torrent into the direct link
  • Now everything is done, you can download the torrent files from ZbigZ and enjoy all the features of the ZbigZ premium account.


These are the simple way through which you will get the premium account for free. In this manner, one will not have to pay money, just by few tricks and steps that are available on the internet; one will be able to save money. It is an efficient way to unlock the premium account free for a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for, try the above steps and avail the benefits of ZbigZ premium account features.

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