Guide to choosing the best Wooden Sofa for your living room

A wooden sofa might be what you need in your living room to make an aesthetic or a classical statement. It is not only a good place to seat your guests but also improves upon the décor of your room. You can have variously designed wooden sofas that might complement the setting of your room or even add a bit of flair to it. Although wooden sofas can be bought from any furniture store, you can also avail of the wooden sofa design for living room at Urban Ladder.

However, before you purchase a wooden sofa, you might want to make sure of a few things in it. Keep in mind that a sofa is likely to be a major investment so its best to select wisely.

Sturdy Frames are a must!

If your sofa has a sturdy frame then it’s likely to be durable. Cheap soft-wood like pine might ‘warp and wobble’ after a few years of use. So it’s best to opt for hard-wood like ash, kiln-dried oak, beech, et cetera. They might be costlier but they are more durable.

Check the Joineries

The joineries used in the making of the sofa should be checked before purchasing. Avoid sofas which are joined only by nails, glue, or stapler. They might be used for extra support, but always try and look for joineries such as wooden dowels or corner blocks. You can ask the shopkeeper or the salesperson for the written information of the manufacturer regarding the joinery used in that particular sofa.

Cushion Feelings

Try to have sofas with High-resilient (HR) foam. Softer, low-density foams might become flat and might deteriorate with daily use. You can opt for ‘goose down combined with feathers’ as the perfect cushion feeling. It remains quite plump but it is more expensive and might require high maintenance.

Don’t forget the springs!

Your sofa should have springs. Otherwise, it becomes uncomfortable after some time. Many sofas might have serpentine springs which are very supportive but they might press over the frame or sag after a few years if the spring metal is not heavy. You can actually feel the springs of your sofa through the padding. Make sure they are knit together. As an experiment, sit at the edge of your sofa and check if you hear any creaks or squeaks. These noises will let you know that the springs are not properly placed.

Tough and durable Textiles

Always check the textile used on your sofa as you’ll need durable fabric materials. You can opt for linen or cotton but make sure they don’t have long weaves. You can also go for leather or wool but they might be too expensive. Avoid the natural and synthetic fiber blends as they might wear out soon. You can choose silk but it might be too fragile for use.

Having a sofa in your living room is definitely a blessing. But make sure of these and a few more details whenever you want to buy a sofa for yourself. Please make sure that your sofa isn’t too big or too small for your living room. Last but not the least, make sure your sofa design enhances the look of your room and not ruin it instead.

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