Low user? Try this excellent Prepaid Plan

There used to be a time when prepaid phone users were in the majority, because the phone was used primarily as a means for mobile communication. But today, your phone is the gateway to the world. You can use your phone to shop, bank, pay bills, communicate, work on and even watch movies and sports. With changing preferences and usage, prepaid phone connections today differ from postpaid ones only in terms of the data packs and pricing – they offer every other feature that postpaid connections do.

Why a prepaid connection makes sense for some

While most people you know have switched to postpaid connections, you continue to use a prepaid plan. It could be because you don’t use your phone a lot, except to make calls or sometimes chat with your friends. You certainly don’t use your phone to watch sports or movies. Let’s just say that your phone usage is quite low, so you have never felt the need to have a postpaid connection.

Having a prepaid connection is also quite affordable for those who don’t wish to pay hefty mobile phone bills every month. Since you consume only as much you paid for, an automatic curb is set on your usage every month. Of course, you can always recharge your phone connection if you run out of data or consume the whole pack before the month is up.

What kind of prepaid connection do you have?

If you are fully satisfied with the network reception and services provided by your mobile operator, then this article is not for you. But if you aren’t, please read on! Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • Most prepaid users complain that their monthly plans are exhausted quickly, forcing multiple recharges every month.
  • Your prepaid plan is quite basic, without much data or speed.
  • You dread the lengthy recharge process, and the service provider does not activate the request immediately after you pay.
  • You suffer from patchy network, and opening even your email inbox takes several minutes.
  • You pay a high price for your monthly connection, but the performance is far from satisfactory.

It’s time you checked out Airtel Prepaid.

Why Airtel Prepaid?

  • Because Airtel Prepaid understands that all phone users are equal, and that a prepaid connection must have the same speeds and power as a postpaid one.
  • Because Airtel Prepaid has three different prepaid packs for you, with unlimited incoming roaming calls and 1 GB data to 1 GB data per day.
  • Because you get everything you possibly need from your phone usage, at just Rs 495 per month.
  • Because you can recharge your Airtel Prepaid connection within seconds, any time you wish.

You can check the Airtel Prepaid plans for your city and opt for a new connection today. Once you submit the identification documents, your connection is live on the same day.

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