Top 9 Software and Tools for Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of free software and digital marketing tools for SMM manager jobs. These resources help businesses promote new products and create a brand image, communicate with potential customers and make sales, track the results of advertising campaigns and analyze the behavior of the target audience.

However, the large number of proposals complicates the choice. If you are just beginning to understand how to do marketing, then a ready-made list of the best resources for an SMM manager will make your choice easier.


SimpliField is a convenient platform for retail in the digital world. One resource allows you to communicate with customers in various social networks, configure logistics and sales processes, analyze results to find insights.

Analysts show that more than 130 brands use the SimpliFied resource to increase the efficiency of the SMM manager job and reduce unproductive costs. Templates for Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories, TikTok simplify teamwork. A library with millions of photos, thousands of fonts, and design ideas are available to users.

Learn more about SMM tips for the most popular social networks. In SimpliField you can combine different channels of communication of your brand with customers.


The SMM manager job is a complex multitasking task. Writing texts is one of them. Knowledge of grammar alone is not enough for commercial texts. What words to choose for the ad on Facebook Ads, and what to post on Twitter? Wordtune will help to express yourself clearly and convincingly.

The software is based on artificial intelligence and built-in language models. The resource’s functionality offers rewriting, tone selection, text reduction or extension, support, and opportunities for teamwork. Choose your package to start: Free, Premium, or Premium for Teams.


Biteable helps users create bright, dynamic content for social networks. Video marketing has already proven its effectiveness. Therefore, tools for video content need to be added to the list of SMM manager software.

Biteable offers many templates for video, music, and animation. You do not need to buy special equipment and learn the intricacies of video editing. Use the Biteable library to create video content for your brand’s social media. The product is available in three price offerings: Free, Ultimate, or Teams.


ContentStudio is a multifunctional tool for creating content for the brand’s social media. Resource users can study, plan, publish, and analyze content. Built-in services such as Media Library and Instagram Publishing greatly facilitate the SMM manager job. ContentStudio allows you to generate simple and clear reports to track the results of business promotion on social networks.


The big business chooses Sprinklr. If the number of brand social media companies reaches 35, and the team unites more than 200 specialists in different regions, then SMM can turn into chaos. The Sprinklr platform simplifies SMM manager jobs and allows you to synchronize all communication channels. This resource presents itself as a multi-channel platform for digital marketing.

Sprinklr’s marketing functionality includes three areas:

  • content marketing,
  • social advertising,
  • marketing analytics.

From one platform, your whole team can represent the brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and in various digital channels. Analyze all campaigns and evaluate the return on brand investment in SMM using Sprinklr analytics tools. When everything you need to work on is gathered on one resource, then you can handle big tasks.


We recommend small businesses start with Otterfish. Use free software to run effective campaigns on Facebook Ads. The resource offers the following features:

  • creation of advertisements for Facebook and Instagram;
  • automation of publications;
  • target audience testing;
  • tracking the effectiveness of content.

You do not need to acquire special digital marketing skills. You can master the role of SMM manager for your small business. Otterfish offers three price sets with different functionality: Freemium, Standard, and Pro. Grow gradually with your advertising campaigns.


Hootsuite is more than just brand social media management software. The resource provides paid advertising services and is compatible with various platforms.

Hootsuite functionality:

  • planning publications in all social networks of the brand;
  • creating interesting content for the audience;
  • tracking all mentions of your brand online;
  • analytics for the development of effective content.

For example, see how video marketing works for your business. Sometimes a simple instruction for users recorded using an online screen recorder is much more effective than paid advertising. With Hootsuite, you will quickly notice such moments. Remember that the best insights come in the process of communicating with customers.


An important part of the SMM manager’s job is research. This includes analyzing the content of competitors, studying the mood of the target audience, finding influencers, tracking keywords. The problem is always that there is not enough time for all this.

BuzzSumo will help you deal with this. The resource is available in different price offers Free, Pro, Plus, Large. Based on your research, you can conclude and make the right decisions. This is one of the main rules of successful marketing.


Mention helps to track all mentions of your company in real-time. This is important for both brand reputation and content planning. If you know what is being said about you and what is important to your target audience, this is very valuable information. Based on it, build brand communications on social networks and advertising campaigns. Even the negative is much easier to work with when you notice it in time.

Promo is an online video maker that gives you everything you need to make high-performing videos that will boost your business. We are ready to use templates for any kinds of business types and it fits all types of contents. With Promo, you can also make commercials and video advertisements freely and easily with consumer attention heavily focused on social media, it’s never been easier to promote your business with social media video content. gives you the keys to quickly create social media videos that drive massive results.


The work of the SMM manager is diverse. Therefore, well-chosen software will help generate ideas and save time. Automate your workflows as much as possible to keep up. Pay more attention to creativity and analytics rather than getting bogged down in routine, monotonous operations

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