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[Tamilrockers 2019] All About Pirated Tamil Movie Download Site

“Tamil rockers” an online portal to download and stream pirate movies. The site offers movies based on languages Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam under HD and DVDR, etc formats. The main motto of the admins of the tamil rockers site is to gain share happiness by doing crazy activities. 

[Tamilrockers 2019] All About Pirated Tamil Movie Download Site

Tamilrockers is and online pirated portal which shares movies and other content related to the Indian film industry before or on the day of the release. As this results in a big threat to filmmakers, college students, middle-class employees, and housing producers are entertaining, who can not make more money with the image of their families.

Plethora film industry actor’s and producers from south India filed cases to stop tamilrockers from posting pirated content. However, it had no use. Though many people were taken into police custody for being owners of the site but had no use.

Yes! Still, there are plenty of domains surfing on the internet under the keyword “Tamilrockers”. The Indian government has bee taken rise against these pirated sites and started blocking through ISP of the country. At the end of the day, even this had no use.

As there are plethora various domain extensions available on the internet which makes the admins of tamilrockers move the blocked domain to the new extension. Below is the list of domains which are blocked by “TFPC ANTI PIRACY CELL“.

There is no movie which has a piracy copy released on tamilrockers till date. Every new movie of a famous actor or director is competitively pirated and spread on tamilrockers. Tough the Piracy Cells block the domain, But till the new domain gets to their notice a plethora movies are released and a pirated copy is published on Tamil rockers.

So how do people find the latest domain name of tamilrockers?

Few sites on the internet have made it too easy to search for the latest extension of the tamilrockers domain. The visitors of tamilrockers enter the new/updated site in different ways. The first option they find the updated url is by Share of Voice or through social media. And the second path is as discussed below.

tamilrockers new link 2019

So to find tamilrockers new links, People firstly visit this site and in there they enter the previous domain name of Tamil rockers with the extension. For example, let’s say that the recently blocked domain was “” they search for it and then they get redirected to the new extension.

This process is continued and has no end until the admins of Tamil rockers stop uploading pirated content to their sites. So this is all about Tamil rockers and its pirated content sharing platforms. Hope you learned something new through this post. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social profiles to let people aware of tamilrockers.

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