P.M Narendra Modi Laptop Scheme: Free Laptops-Vitran Yojna 2017

Spam Message: Guys beware of this Schemes and messages because Narendra Modi Laptop Scheme is a Spammymessages that are spreading around in whatsapp. Currently we are listening many rumors that is getting calls from 12 digited numbers, getting prank call at night from different countries and now Free Narendra Modi Laptop Scheme Online was the latest news that are running around in the messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp etc .

Free Laptop Scheme scam message

A new message which is getting viral on Whatsapp about free laptop scheme 2017. Now-a-days everyone is receving a spammy message that is Government settled a scheme named VitranYojana which is about getting a free laptop. A Spammy message with links are running in the social media platforms.

Details about Free NarendraModi Laptop Scheme Surfaces Online #scam

VitranYojana 2017 is a Government program that is distributing free laptops for all people who will register in the links, free registration. This message is running in the whatsapp today and getting viral. A spam message is released in the social network by some person. In whatsapp we are getting a message link(Free Laptop Scheme)issued by NarendraModi with the name of VitranYojana with links. When we click on that link means then it will redirects to a website which has NarendraModi’s picture on a Laptop.

How to Get a free laptop

Present days a message like above is getting in everyones’s whatsapp chats. So, when we click on that link it is just redirecting to a webpage there we are getting laptop image with Modi’s photo. After that a pop-up will appear on the screen that is (invite all friends and try your luck). After submitting your details you will redirect to a blank page. This a trick by some people to grab your details and also it’s a style of spammy advertisements. Through this, the supply of this web site is just wanting to urge clicks on the ad that is displayed on the web site.Government is not giving away the free laptops to anyone. Don’t believe such messages.

So, think wisely and click on links. Finally what we want to tell you is Free laptop scheme is a bloody spam message which is a style of advertisements. So, beware of this messages, Don’t go blindly. If you get any messages like this just search on google and have a look at reviews then you will get a clear picture about the message. With one blind click you may lose many.

Free Laptop Scheme – Spam Message

Finally free laptop scheme is a spam message. This is a style of ad campaign. So, do create a note that there’s no such program out there and Government isn’t making a gift of the free laptops to anyone. If you receive such messages don’t forward those message in any groups and don’t invite any of your friends. Please share this message that is Narendramodi free laptop scheme is a spam message. This info might be useful to the people who are getting messages like this. Have a look and review.

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