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Today Instagram is just second in the list of most popular social media platforms with more than a million users on its platform who are sharing nearly 50 million posts & getting 1.6 billion likes on them a day.

Due to this Instagram is a new battleground among marketers to attract new customers & with that, they are now intensely focusing on an increase in their presence on different social media sites especially the faster growing Instagram.

Started as an app for sharing images, today you can see a great number of brands promoting & selling their products & services online. A new creative way to boost branding efforts & this is not going away in the foreseeable future.

As more mobile will penetrate human society & free data is widely available, there will always be a rising trend in the number of Instagram followers which will automatically turn it a more crucial platform for online marketing.

A recent study shows that small businesses have a greater advantage of promoting their products on Instagram over big corporates because they don’t need to worry about huge advertisement billings. 

So what’s the secret of being famous on Instagram?

Just focus on increasing followers on your Instagram account but it is simple to say rather than to do it. There is intense competition on Instagram to attract followers & you need a proper strategy for that purpose. 

More about being famous is to handle the backend of Instagram. The more interaction you get, the more potential business you have. Understanding a decent Instagram analytics tool may be able to help you.

Here we have 10 tips for you through which you can witness constant increase followers on Instagram:

Post-Post-Post: if you ask any Instagram influencer about how he got so many followers on his account. The definite reply would be Post-Post-Post! that means having a habit of consistent posting (at least a single post a day). 

The more you post, the more chances you have to increase followers. The reason is that you can get better visibility as more users are engaging with your content in the form of likes, comments & shares.

There is a study that claims that if you post daily on your Instagram account, you have double the follower’s growth rate compared to those who are less frequent in posting. 

Focus more on Videos:  there is no doubt that Instagram started as a social media platform dedicated to photo sharing but today it has diverted more towards video content.

The reason is a growing engagement of video content which is now more compared to that of photos & the availability of live video features that allows on-time interaction.

Try to change your Instagram strategy from just an image-based posting towards video-sharing. Have a live-video interaction with your followers & try to solve their queries by Q&A discussions. This will allow you to garner more support from existing followers & will help to increase followers.  

Be Creative with Hashtags: Hashtags bear the same significance for an Instagram post, what a wheel has for a vehicle. You can never have good visibility on Instagram until you don’t start being trendy with your hashtags.

A user can never search your post for the content, so a hashtag helps him to get all those posts that are relevant to his hashtag search. Hashtags allow you to be in the newsfeed of those who are not even following you.

Try to get a smart use of your hashtags on Instagram posts. Don’t be a miser while putting hashtags in your post. A good Instagram post must carry nearly a dozen relevant hashtags. Be creative & try to some up your post story in hashtags to increase followers.     

Get the Audience from Other Networks: not all of your targeted followers may reach to you only through Instagram. Sometimes, it is necessary to divert some of your traffic from other platforms to Instagram. 

You might have noticed that YouTubers have started promoting their Instagram accounts on their videos to get those subscribers into followers. This similar strategy can be used with blogs, forums & web pages.

You just need to put your Instagram account link on every other digital platform where you have your presence. Try to encourage them with a reward policy for following you on Instagram. Through this, you can easily increase followers with the help of other networks.    

Have Collaborations with Influencers: try to re-energize your Instagram account by collaborating with different influencers of your industry or topic. This can allow you to get visibility with users of the other Instagram accounts & to attract new followers as well. You will end up with increased followers.

You can even collaborate with someone even from a different industry but you should know which type of audience he entertains. If you are a product brand, you can collaborate with a shopping account or with brands that are a complement to your product.  

Post Timing is Important: most Instagram marketers are less concerned about their postings & upload them as per their wish but this can be a grave mistake. You need to analyze your audience & specifically their timings of being active on Instagram.

Take the help of available tools such as Hootsuite which can help you in deciding what time of posting is suitable as per your industry. To increase followers, you need to be the top position of newsfeed of users & post timing can be helpful in this regard.

Add Instagram Stories: stories are a new feature add-on by Instagram but in this small period, nearly half of the users are putting stories daily on their accounts this shows their significance & if you need to increase followers, you too adopt a regular practice of having a story. 

Make your stories more engaged by using hashtags & location features, so that it can create engagement with your viewers. The best part is that a big chunk of marketers are still unaware of the potential of stories, so you can have an advantage of early start over others.

Have Interaction with your Fans: getting new Instagram followers is never a cup of tea but you can increase followers by adopting some simple steps & one of them is to have constant interaction with your fans who are engaging with your posts.

Just take some important comments from your previous posts & then try to talk about them in your future posts or simply reply to the user in the comment section itself. This will highlight your image as a responsible account & you can even use tools such as Buffer or Socialsprout that can help you in bifurcating interactable comments.  

Use SMM Panels: SMM panels are greatly attracting the attention of social media marketers. This can be because of their simplicity in use & effectiveness to increase followers in much lower time.  

SMM panels are nothing but social media marketing tools that can help you in buying materials of social engagement from genuine accounts. BulkFame is one of the best smm panels with 24×7 support. 

Have Contests: we will recommend you to have contests for your current followers that will help you in getting better reach on Instagram & increase followers. Just be simple with contests such as to ask your viewers to comment with favorite emojis or tag their best pics.

Yes having a considerable number of Instagram followers is not a work of day or week but can take months or years but if you follow these steps with at most devotion you can greatly increase followers on your Instagram account.

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