Top 5 Best Utility Apps For Android Devices

Android is the best and one of the favorite OS of many people all over the world, Now most of the mobile manufacturers started manufacturing mobiles with Android operating system. Since the number of Android phones are increasing, the amount of Android apps is also increasingly tremendously. This includes some useful and some useless apps; There are loads of apps available in the market which will make your daily life easy. Today here in this article we’ve gathered those useful apps.

Top 5 Best Utility Apps For Android Devices

  1. AppLock: Applock is one the coolest utility app and also light weight which means it doesn’t eat up your device’s ram. Applock will securely lock the apps which you don’t want to get accessed by anyone else. Setting up the Applock is really straightforward and quick, just download and open the app, select the apps which you want to lock and set a password or pattern for unlocking.
  2. Lastpass: Nowadays people’s have to maintain and remember multiple passwords of their social accounts or banking accounts. It could be somewhat difficult to remember everything, and sometimes you may enter the wrong password and end up locking out your account. Lastpass app will securely remember the passwords for you and helps you log in anywhere with just one click.
  3. Smart Tools: Smart tools is pretty much an all in one tool which contains all the necessary and useful tools with a clean interface. All the options are placed neatly in the app to avoid confusions or misclicks. The app features tools like measurement tools, vibrator, compass, flashlight, unit converter and much more. In my opinion, I consider this as a must have app. And the good thing is, Smart tools is available for free to download and use in Google play store.
  4. Wifi Analyzer: When it comes to monitoring of wifi, nothing can beat Wifi Analyzer app. The amount of stats it provides about your wifi and wifis around you is incredible. You can use the information submitted by this app to optimize your wifi router and somewhat boost up your wifi strength. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to understand all the graphs; it provides simple and clean charts which anyone can understand. Wifi Analyzer supports 2.4 GHZ Wifi router and 5GHZ wifi router as well.
  5. Sleep As Android: Sleep As Android is recommended for those people who are very concerned about their sleeping behavior. All you need to do is just keep your phone with you while sleeping; the app will take care of the rest. It will give you reports which show how often and how long you sleep; it’s pretty much like sleep monitor app which is free. It also has a built-in alarm clock. Download Sleep as Android from Google play store and measure your sleeping activity smartly.


Above mentioned Best Utility Apps For Android Devices will help you to make your way of living more efficient and smart, so that’s all for now, don’t forget to share this article.

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