You must have already submitted your leave application to go home on Diwali. Other people may have already started planning of how to decorate the house or what to do new this year on the day.

We all have been told since childhood that Diwali is marked as the day of lights because Lord Rama came returned from exile of 14 years with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman, and this day was celebrated with lights in Ayodhya.

Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes

But do you know there are also some other reasons for celebrating the day?

Wish to know them?

Have a look here.

  • It is said that during the Amrita Manthan, Devi Lakshmi arose from the ocean on this day and hence the goddesses of wealth is offered prayer on this day.
  • As per another story, it is said that Lord Vishnu took his fifth incarnation and rescued Devi Lakshmi from the prisons of King Mahabali on this day. This is also celebrated by the name of Onam in Kerala.
  • It is said that the demon Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama two days prior to Diwali.
  • Similar to Lord Rama, Pandavas are also said to have returned back from their exile of 12 years on this day and hence the city people celebrated their return with lights.
  • King Vikramaditya defeated the Sakas and was coronated as the king on this day during 56 BC.
  • It was also the day when two of the saints, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Vardhaman Mahavira got enlightened. Hence, this is also a great day for the Jains.
  • As per the Sikhs, Guru Amar Das started this festival of lights so that all the people can take blessings of the Gurus.
  • As per the Hindu mythology, it was on this day when Ma Kali came up as a survival against the demons when the whole universe was in trouble.
  • Also, this is the time of rich harvest and hence the festival is also celebrated as the day of prosperity.
  • Diwali is also taken as the New Year of the Hindus.

So, when there are so many reasons to celebrate, the festival has to be a great one. It can be said that almost more than half of the country has their own stories and myths about this special day and hence Diwali is celebrated throughout the country.

Download Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes, Quotes for Friends, Family:

In this world of technology, it has become quite easy to send our wishes to those who stay far from us. Along with the gifts that you may send to your friends and family staying far from you, sending a Diwali quote can actually make them get a quick smile on your face. The quotes can be something about the festival, some good wishes for the person, or a feeling that you wish to share with the person on this special day.

Happy Diwali 2018

Not sure about how to express your thoughts? You should search to get a quote that matches with your feelings and you can send it to the person along with some good sweets box. Google is filled with such Diwali quotes and you can find the right one with just a few of the simple clicks.

Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes

Where else can be you use these quotes apart from using them as wishes?

  • There are so many other ways such as you can paste a quote on the board of your office just a few days before the festival.
  • You can make the quote as your Whatsapp status.
  • There have been companies who give out bonus salary for this day and may provide a special card with a quote to make their employees feel special.

Happy Diwali 2018 Wishes

Happy Diwali 2018 Rangoli Images Download:

Similar to lights, color also plays a very important role in the festival of Diwali. Normally, people discard out the useless items of the house and clean their houses well for the festival. There are so many other people who whitewash their houses to welcome the goddess of prosperity and wealth.

So, what is Rangoli all about?

It is believed that Rangoli is used at the entrance of the house in order to welcome the guests and also Devi Lakshmi on this auspicious day. People believe that Devi Lakshmi enters only the houses that are clean and well decorated. Hence, houses are decorated with lights and the entrance is adorned with colorful Rangolis.

Happy Diwali 2018

Are there special Rangoli patterns for Diwali?

Today, people do not take care of much of the significance of the Diwali Rangoli pattern. But yes, there are some special ways to create such Rangolis. It differentiates state wise throughout the country. For example, if travel to the northern parts of the country such as Bihar, you can notice that tiny, colorful feet of Devi Lakshmi are mandatory along with the Rangoli.

Similarly, there are many other places such as Gujarat or even Andhra Pradesh; lots of lotuses are drawn using the Rangoli colors.

Recently, making Rangolis on a particular theme is quite trending. You may notice small Rangolis at home but huge themed Rangolis at malls and other public places.

List Of 10 Best Diwali Wishes 2018 Download:

Do you stay somewhere abroad and are not able to visit your home for this Diwali? This can be one of the saddest things when you are not able to be with your family on their special day of the year. But, of course, from such far distance also you can extend your wishes and happiness to your friends and family, thanks to the technology world today.

Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes

So, what are the types of wishes that you can send to your family and friends this Diwali? Here are the 10 best options that you can use this year.

  • Image wishes are always a great way to show your wishes in the right way. Just a sky filled with crackers saying ‘Happy Diwali’ can create magic at times.
  • Again, if you are not able to send real gifts, get images saying “Happy Diwali’ with gifts.
  • It is said sharing sweets make your relationship even sweeter. Images of sweets and a small quote saying ‘Happy Diwali’ can actually do the work.
  • Wish to get something traditional? You can pick up pictures of Devi Lakshmi with the quotes of ‘Shubh Laabh” and can send your best wishes along with this.
  • You can send long quotes of wishing prosperity to the family on this special day.
  • Wishes in Regional languages can actually offer a much closer impact. Search for wishes in Hindi or such state wise languages to wish your closed ones and make the day special for them.
  • If you are sending it to your friends, you can use some humor wishes that are quite trending today.
  • GIF!! Wish to have a great impact? You can send GIF wishes that are short and sweet and perfect to bring up a smile.
  • You can also try out at the relationship quotes that are great to wish someone who is quite close to you.
  • Sometimes, just a simple wish can also be great at formal fronts.

So, if you are thinking how impressively you can wish your loved ones, here are some of the major tips. You can come across a wide range of Diwali wishes over the internet but you should know which one to choose. Choose the right one as per the requirement and the situation so that you can impress your loved ones in the best manner with the right wishes.

5 Best Diwali Greetings 2018 to Share among your Besties:

There was a time when people used to exchange greeting cards in order to show their love through wishes. Though there are still such cards available today but these are most commonly used on corporate these days. For personal wishes, today maximum of the people wishes to make use of the social media or the chatting apps such as Whatsapp and so on.

Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes

When it is Diwali, you may start receiving hundreds of such digital greetings on your Whatsapp from your friends and family. There are also many times when banks and some of the brands may send such greetings to their loyal customers to show gratitude.

Confused about which greetings can be the best one to send? Here are 5 best Diwali greetings that you can send.

  • Themed greetings with crackers, sweets, and gifts along with a message,
  • Religious ones with Devi Lakshmi and so on with the Diwali wishes,
  • Humor filled greetings that are available today to make the situation light and funny,
  • Plain formal greetings that are used by corporate,
  • Kid’s greetings with cute animations along with messages.

Happy Diwali 2018 To Do List

When it is Diwali, there are so many things that have to be done before Diwali and during the festival. Here is a list of such activities that you can do this year.

Happy Diwali 2018 Quotes

  • Cleaning the house is the most prior thing that you need keep on the top of the list always. There are also some people, who even paint their houses.
  • Shopping is the next important thing to do. You need to shop gifts for your relatives, shop decorative items to decorate your houses, and so on.
  • On the day prior to Diwali is Dhanteras and it is said that buying any metal on this day is quite auspicious.
  • Houses are cleaned and decorated with lights and torans since Dhanteras only. Other decorations such as fresh flowers are adorned on the Diwali day.
  • Beautifully rangoli is made at the entrance of the house to welcome Devi Lakshmi and also the guests.
  • Mainly, in most of the houses, puja for Lakshmi Ganesh is held. The puja takes place during the evening and guests are invited to attend the same.
  • There are also some people who throw a Diwali party and this turns out to be a really enjoyable moment.
  • In many places, there is a custom of playing cards on this day.
  • Kids and others burst crackers, sweets, and gifts and distributed and the darkness of the night is swept out.