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How to find web hosting that meets my requirements?

Web hosting is basically a way to practice the business practice by allocating space and bandwidth. This space and bandwidth are allocated to a powerful computer server and it is connected to the internet. Hosting companies maintain large networks as a data center. The data center is nothing but powerful web server computers are maintained in a physical location so that they function efficiently. These computer servers are provided very fast and continuous Internet connection. In addition to it, these data centers have backup power, a continuously fast connection to the Internet, and staffs who take cares all the security management.

Different companies provide the web hosting, and they also provide a share of disk space and a particular bandwidth to the customer for an affordable fee, it can be monthly or yearly. The customer can upload the files once they have signed up for the web hosting. All these files and information will be viewable to anyone accessing the Internet. The monthly fee charged by the web hosting company is very less when we compare it with the entire costing and maintenance to run a server in your home or a dedicated data center. This is the reason people look for companies who provide web hosting. It is their responsibility to provide end to end hardware, software, and other technical support.

Types of web hosting

There are different types of web hosting available in the market nowadays. Each hosting is for a different purpose altogether

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is very common and famous type of web hosting. In this, a share of disk space and bandwidth is allocated to you by the web hosting company and it is on a highly efficient server.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is another famous and at the same time low-cost solution if you are interested in a web hosting. It is of basically two types one is private-label and another one is a reseller of services.

The private-label is considered to be the best because it allows complete control over your customer’s websites. The best part is that Private-label hosting facilitates you to host as many similar websites when you compare it with the shared hosting. This is the best option for those who are having several sites and want to keep the host in one location to save money.

The reseller of services is similar to the regular web hosting, but the best part is that you get a discounted price for providing the customer and you can also earn a monthly fee as long as they remain a customer to you. But you don’t have any control over customer websites and all you get is monthly revenue.

There are many factors which should be kept in mind when you are planning for a web hosting. The most important part is price, choose the one which does not burn your pockets, secondly is the disk space which you will need to upload your file. Third important aspect to research is the bandwidth. There are other factors which you must keep into consideration like customer support money back guarantee, back up, scripting and database.

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