Is Your Enterprise Getting Its Money’s Worth From Digital Signage?

If you own a business, operate a school or run a commercial enterprise, chances are you have digital signage somewhere on the premises. However, if you only use it as a fancy but relatively static information medium, you may not be utilizing the full potential of this dynamic display platform. In general, most businesses use their digital signs for:

– Sales and promotions
– Displaying variable information like transportation schedules
– Improve customer care
– Streamline company operations and interoffice communications

These are all worthy uses, and studies show that organizations that use digital signage use it efficiently as well as benefiting from its availability. However, there are innovative ways to use this medium that you may not even be aware of.

New Trends in Digital Signage

Don’t mistake trends for trendiness. Fads come and go, and they rarely offer a good ROI. Ditto, the Wow! factor on display at many trade shows, which is designed predominately to capture your imagination and illustrate possibilities for the technology. Solid trends, however, show how the medium is shifting overall and the state of the industry in measurable metrics. Here are three solid trends in digital signage that may benefit your business.

1. Interactivity

This type of interactivity goes beyond implementing touch screen technology but using a combination of technologies to create a more personalized, interactive experience. One trending concept is the use of Bluetooth to identify customers who have the business’ app installed on their mobile phone and are in close proximity to the display. That way, their previous shopping history can be used to provide personalized sales offers and shopping suggestions on the spot.

2. RFID Tags

This technology has multiple applications, including displaying specs and information on products embedded with the chip

3. Recognition Software

This is another part of the trend toward personalizing the shopping experience, but its not as scary as it sounds. This type of recognition software can determine if a live customer is near the screen, as well as whether they are facing the display or turned away, and address them. When it doesn’t detect the presence of a potential customer, it can simply display general information or whatever you want to program it to display instead. It can also provide feedback about how long the person was present, and what kind of interaction they had with the display.

How to Choose the Right Signage for Your Business

Navori and numerous other companies – online and off – provide hardware and/or software for digital signage, so it’s good to nail down the purpose of your signage, the space you have available for digital displays, your budget and whether you’re going to rent the display mechanism or purchase it outright. Better technology has made it more affordable to purchase even larger displays, but it isn’t just about the medium; it’s also important how it’s implemented. Additional considerations include:


Will your display be interactive, solely informative or for viewing and listening pleasure only? Will it show pre-recorded material, live stream or both?

Outside Assistance

Do you have the talent in-house for content creation, or will you need to hire an outside agency to create content?


How will the display enhance or detract from the overall environment? Will one large or small screen suffice, or will you need a combination of screens in various sizes to be used throughout your enterprise?


Who will be in charge of obtaining content, troubleshooting problems and offering creative input? How often will content be changed, and by whom?


Do you go with a local provider or cast a wider net? What kind of services/packages does your provider offer? Will you be paying for services you don’t need as part of a package to get the ones you do want, or can you obtain ala carte services? What kind of contracts and customer support are offered, and at what cost?

Once you have the answer to these questions, shopping for hardware and a content provider is much easier. Then, you’ll finally have a chance to implement some of these truly innovative ways to increase sales and improve customer experience.

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