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How to Download Stand Off 2 Game On PC? (Emulator)

Nowadays, a lot of people play games in order to engage and keep their minds active, and most importantly to have some fun with friends. Most people prefer playing shooting gamers where they can take control of the character and aim towards enemies. If you’re into mobile shooter games, chances are, you must have come across Stand-Off 2, which is actually quite popular in the Google Play Store.

The game has been designed for smartphones, the game is so good that a lot of players actually want to play the game on their PCs. However, as of now, the Standoff 2 is available in the Google Play Store, meaning, you can install it on android devices only. But still, there is a way to play the Standoff 2 game on PC, which is exactly what you’re going in this article. So, without wasting any further time, let’s go ahead and jump into the topic.

Why Should You Play Standoff 2 On PC?

Although the Standoff 2  game is designed and developed by keeping smartphone users in mind, we strongly believe that you will have to play the game on a bigger screen to enjoy the game to its fullest. Also, you can enhance the graphics of the game on your PC by tweaking the settings to the maximum. Moreover, some people do not like to play shooter games on their smartphones, mainly because of clumsy controls.

Stand Off 2 Game on pc

But, on PC, you can control your in-game character using Keyboard and mouse, which allows you to play better. Some of the advantages of playing the Standoff 2 game on your PC are mentioned in the following list.

  • Better Controls:- With the help of a keyboard and mouse, you will have better aim in the game, so, that you can gun down your opponent before they do.
  • Maximum Graphics:- On smartphones, you don’t really get to play the game in full graphics unless you have an expensive device. But, on PC, you can actually set the graphics to the maximum without any lags.
  • Bigger Screen:- A lot of people don’t like the idea of playing Standoff 2 on smartphones mainly because of the small size screen. In order to truly enjoy the game, you will have to play it on your PC.
  • Online Multiplayer:- Even on PC, you can participate and play the online multiplayer where you will be matched against real players instead of bots.
  • No Account Block:- You can play the Standoff 2 game on your PC without having to worry about being detected or getting your game account blocked.

How To Download and Play Standoff 2 Game On PC

As you have read earlier in the article, the Standoff 2 game cannot be installed directly on PC since it’s available only in the Google Play Store as of now. In order to play the Standoff 2 game on a computer or laptop, you will need an android emulator that can handle the game properly. We’ve decided to break up the process into two parts for your better understanding.

Install Android Emulator Bluestacks On Your PC

Bluestacks is an excellent android emulator that is well known for its handling of android games on PC. Bluestacks allows you to install basically any android app or game on your PC.  Go ahead with the steps to install the Bluestacks android emulator on your PC.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Bluestacks using a web browser on your PC.
  • Select your OS (Windows or Mac) on the website to download the setup.
  • Once the download is complete, extract the files using Winrar on your PC.
  • Open up the extracted folder and run the setup of Bluestacks as admin to proceed.
  • Grant the admin permission and choose a destination folder for the emulator on the next screen.
  • Now simply follow the further steps shown in the installation wizard to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation process of the emulator is complete, you may proceed with the rest of the steps.

Install Stand Off 2 Game On Your Emulator

Now you simply need to download and install the Stand-Off game on your emulator in order to play it. The steps for the same are as follows:-

  • Launch the Bluetacks emulator and wait for the initial setup to complete.

Stand Off 2 Game For pc (Bluestacks)

  • Locate the Google Play Store in the emulator and open it up to proceed.
  • Sign in with your Google account on the next screen to proceed further.
  • Find the “StandOff 2” game in the Play Store using the search option.
  • Click on the “Install” option to start downloading the game on your emualtor.

After the download is completed, the game will be installed automatically on your emulator, thereafter, you can launch it and start playing on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- Can I play Stand Off 2 Game on PC without any issues?
A:- Yes, you can play the game on your PC with the help of an android emualtor called Bluestacks. You cannot install the directly on PC since it’s available for android only, therefore, you will need an android emualtor to play it.

Q:- Can I play Stand Off 2 Game offline on PC?
A:- Standoff 2 is a dynamic shooter game where you will be playing against real players, there is no offline mode in the game, so, it’s mandatory to have an active internet connection to play the game on your PC.

Q:- Is there any account banning issues?
A:- No,  your account will not be banned for playing the game on PC using an android emulator, It’s completely safe and risk-free.


Standoff 2 game is an excellent game in the shooting genre, you can play it for free on any device. The game is supposed to be played on android devices only, however, you can play it on your PC as well with the help of an android emualtor. The steps to install and play the standoff 2 game on PC are mentioned above. Go ahead and try it out, let us know if you face any issues.

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