5 Gadgets that will make your iPhone 5 Happier

Now that you bought yourself the new iPhone 5 you definitely need to spend more bucks. Yep, if you want to stand out from the crowd you must invest. Now, we’re not talking about some cheesy, cheap and printed in millions of pieces stickers or labels. We are talking about some nifty gadgets that will make you look cool. So, we searched the internet and found the following ones to be the best of the best. Take a look:

Gadgets that will make your iPhone 5 Happier

  1. The winter is getting closer and closer (at least for the northern hemisphere) but no matter how cold is it outside, you will have to talk via your precious iPhone5. You didn’t spend so much money just to keep it in the pocket, right? Here is the solution James Bond style. It is called Bluetooth Talking Glove. Basically you will talk using your hand, with the gloves on your hands. You will place your thumb on the ear and a small piggy on your mouth. Yes, you will look weird and people will probably look at you as if you lost your mind. But who cares, your hands will stay warm.  The gloves come in two colors (black and grey) and two sizes (men and women).
  2. Apple is producing and designing the iPhones, iPads and other iProducts. That’s why they don’t have time to sit down and design a proper stand for these devices. This is where the famous Kickstarter crowd funding platform jumps in with the latest wonder called Charging Dock produced by Dock+. Dock+ is based in Colorado and it basically two guys (David and Mike) having fun. Oh yes, one of these guys is working for Google and the other one is famous for replicating the moon dust which is now used by NASA to test their space suits.
  3. DOCK Box look like a wooden box with 2 holes. Wait, that is a wooden box with2 holes, but it works just fine. The idea behind this concept is to get the sound amplifier without wasting any energy. We can call it The Green Speaker. You simply insert the iPhone 5 in the slip (hole No.1) and listen to the sound going out of the circle on the front side of the box (hole No.2) and that’s it. No power wasting, no time wasted to plug in the device and no need to raise the volume on your iPhone. The sounds going out of this box are great no matter if you play it low or you like to pump up the volume.
  4. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 5. This is the product that comes in handy if you adore iPhones but you prefer typing instead of tapping. It is not expensive (you can find it for around $30 on the internet) and it usually comes in black color. This product is by no mean a step backward because, if you think about it, you will definitely make an impact to your surroundings with this wireless keyboard.
  5. If you’re passionate about iPhone and Photography, this gadget is a must have. If you start having second thoughts this means that you are not a real passionate about those two things. SO, what is this product we are talking about? The name is IZZI Orbit. Actually the company name is IZZI and the product name is Orbit. Orbit is a metal case equipped with multiple lenses for a better image manipulation when taking your shots. It comes in 3 colors (red, silver and black) and it is an absolute necessity if you’re a travel blogger.

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