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Who is Your Child Talking to on Social Media?

Have your kid has been spending a lot of time on social media? With all these scams going around these days, your kid might get himself in danger. The coming generation is smart regarding using these smarts devices. One day you will buy them these devices, and the next thing you know is that they are using them better then you will be ever knowing. Your kid knows how to use these devices doesn’t mean they know the pros and cons of it. They might be going with the flow like everyone is, but being at such immature age, they might drag them sleeves into a sinkhole.  

Now here is a proper guide for you to follow so that you can keep track of what your child has been doing on social media.


The best way to find things about your child is by asking them. Always have time out of your day, no matter how busy you are, to talk to your children. Build the confidence with them so no matter what they do all day long, they tell you everything at the dinner table. If you build the routine, they will say to you with whom they have been talking with.

If you are not able to pull words out of them, they might be just straightforward and ask them “I see you chatting on the phone all day long, is there something that I should know” look them straight in the eyes they will not lie to you.  

Add them to social media

Kids can be really snitches sometime. If someone is giving more attention to them than you, they will lean more towards them. Especially when they are early teenagers. They are seeing things differently for once and start questioning things around them. Sometimes they might grow away from you, that is fine, all you need to do is hold on tight to them.

The best way to keep track of what they are doing on social media is by adding them to social media. This way you will know who they are closer to these days. If you are keen enough, you can judge their activities by the tagging on posts or their comments and most importantly their pictures that they upload. You can also look at the pages that they “like.” If you are not able to track anything down, turn their notifications on, this way you will get a notification whenever they post something.

Reverse phone lookup

If you want to keep a track on them without them knowing. You can use reverse phone lookup. You only have got to enter the number, and you will get every detail about them. The only problem is that the number should exist in the websites directory. Reverse phone lookup has helped many parents; maybe you should give it a try too.

Learn to use things yourself

You have a lot of things to do rather than posting things on social media all day long. Sometimes things look a little tricky when you look them from outside. I have seen so many people saying terrible things about social media, but once they start using it, they understand that things are not as bad as they might think. When you have your own account, you will have a better know how of the everything, this way you might clear up your mind.

The other important thing is that try to do self-learning. Parents usually ask their children for guidance but this way child becomes the master, and they start thinking they are the boss. They might trick you into learning things the wrong way and refuse to tell you things, this way you might have very slow learning or sometimes you won’t learn anything at all. If you have any query, just google it and even if you are unable to find it, ask your colleges

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