5 Ways to Improve Sales Email in 2022

As people’s attention spans shrink with time, it is getting harder to hold a prospect’s attention and compel them to read your emails. However, many businesses are still successfully increasing their sales through email. They manage to stand out and grab the prospect’s attention, enabling them to seal their deals.

If your existing strategy is working, have a look at these four ways to improve your sales email and grab the attention of your potential customers.

1. Timing

No matter how well-written and carefully drafted your email is, it will fall flat if the timing at which you send it is inappropriate. Aligning the time on which your emails are sent with your prospect’s usual opening time is the way to increase the chances of them going through your email. According to research, the maximum number of emails opened are on the following days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday, whereas the best times are 10am, 2pm, 8pm, or 6am.

2. Use Catchy Subject Lines

Research says that the average number of emails an office worker receives every day is 120, and most people prioritize emails based on the subject line. Bland, vague subject lines will fail to catch attention.

Using a prospect’s name or their company’s name can let you personalize your emails. Making the recipient curious is another excellent technique to get their attention. For example, a subject line that says “Do you belong to the 6% of the world?” will make the prospect curious, and they will most likely open the email to get clarity.

3. Encourage Communication

If you are facing a creativity block, you can try to encourage the prospect to communicate. Give them some options in the email that encourage two-way communication and check if the client still wants to know more about your product. This strategy can instantly improve your sales email engagement and communication, potentially getting you some response. For example, the email can contain the following,

  1. I’m interested, let’s talk
  2. Interested, but might talk later.
  3. Not interested.

Encouraging communication through these ways can increase your chances of getting a response. You can look at a sales email sample to get more ideas and proven ways of structuring your sales email.

4. Use Statistics

One way of standing apart inside a cluttered inbox is by stating numbers in the subject line. Using statistics in the email body can also be beneficial as it enables you to communicate factual, valuable information, like the popularity of your product, without writing lengthy paragraphs. Effective use of statistics will also increase the credibility of your business and eventually help you in increasing the sales by attracting more high paying clients.

5. Use Humor

With people working for long, tiresome hours, adding humor to your sales emails can capture their attention and make your brand memorable to them. Apart from writing humor, you can even insert funny GIFs. All this can increase the likelihood of recipients going through the entirety of the email.


Emails are 40 times more effective in increasing sales than other social media platforms. However, how those emails are drafted creates all the difference. You can get inspiration by signing up for a free, compelling sales email example online.

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