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Ultimate Online Protection and Safety

Nowadays, for the majority of people life can come to a standstill without the internet. This is one source that brings the whole world into your hands in no time. We have internet on computers, laptops, tablets and even phones now so that remaining connected on the go is simplified. But this also increases insecurities as threats loom everywhere of data being compromised and stolen. It is very important to ensure that personal information and confidential data on the phone is protected. Various kinds of security and lock applications can be installed on these devices so that others do not get access to private and important data in any way.

Versatile Privacy Tools for Smartphone’s

If you are looking for a privacy tool, which offers enhanced security, occupies less storage space on device, and is user friendly – there are many options. However, LEO Privacy Guard V3.0 is worth a try. The application runs on devices with Android 4.0 or higher versions and it has a tiny footprint. Once installed, the application runs automatically and provides mobile security in all aspects – right from photos, text messages, bank PayPal account, social media accounts and any other confidential information on the device.

Protection Offered By Mobile Security Apps

Mobile Security Apps

  • These Smartphone privacy apps help in offering remarkable protection for all apps in your phone with a few taps. You can now lock your videos, call log information, social network accounts, bank accounts, private pictures, text messages etc with these apps.
  • These apps offer the facility of getting privacy alerts. If anyone tries to intrude into the locked applications on the phone, an alert goes out immediately making you cautious. In some apps, you also get the option to lock the device and wipe data remotely.
  • These apps provide easy switching options from one mode to another making operation simple and convenient. You also get facilities of auto lock and unlock by desired or preset location and time.

Other Notable Features of Privacy Apps

Application management is easy with these security and privacy apps. Storage draining apps can be uninstalled and backups for important apps can be taken with such apps. This helps in keeping the device functional in a better manner. Users can also keep a tab on battery usage and data plan under control easily. Along with the safety functionalities, these privacy apps also come with some attractive features. UI of these apps designed intuitively. This makes the apps easy to operate even for users who are not really tech savvy. You can also pick from stylish themes.

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