How to Get Better at Video Games in 10 Easy Steps

Many scientists claim video games to be beneficial. For example, the researchers from San Francisco proved that digital adventures improve cognitive control. It’s good to know, but very few people play to boost their brain activity. We do it because it’s fun and highly engaging. Are you only thinking about becoming a gamer? Here is a guide on how to start.

If you’re not a newcomer, then you must have met stronger opponents. To match their level, here are some things to know. This article is about increasing your skills and overall performance. Scroll down to learn how to get better at gaming. We’ll share useful tips and tricks and point to factors you haven’t thought about before.

How to Get Better at Video Games in 10 Easy Steps

Hone Your Techniques

Any gameplay concentrates on several skills: stealth, good reaction, marksmanship, fast hand-eye coordination, etc. If you want to show excellent results, train each one separately. Just play free games online without downloading. Pick a title that focuses on a particular ability. Keep repeating rounds until you become good at it. Such browser adventures are perfect to dive into before a serious match. A quick rush warms up your hands and fingers and prepares you for bigger battles.

Challenge the Best and Tutor the Weaker

It may seem intimidating to fight against stronger players. But beating noobs won’t raise your skill level in the slightest. Losing to higher-level gamers will force you to adapt. You’ll see their effective tactics and copy some tricks to improve your own performance.

Watch experts in action and analyze their decisions. Use YouTube or Twitch: really popular ones like PewDiePie are easy to find.

If you have a little brother or sister, play together. Mentor them and learn to see weaknesses and ways to improve them. Are their reflexes too slow? Then suggest more mouse practice. And so on: this will help you correct your own mechanics.

Apply META

META means the most effective tactic available. Each adventure has its own peculiarities. It may be the choice of weapons, armor, soldier class, the best shooting area, etc. Besides, META changes with each new update. Therefore, it’s vital to track such things. But it is impossible to do it alone. Join a dedicated community, read news and discuss smart moves. This knowledge will make you more competitive.

Introduce Breaks

How to get better at online video games? It may sound strange, but you should get distracted. If you’re glued to the screen for hours, you risk experiencing a severe burnout. This will affect your performance: you’ll make mistakes and lose all the time.

To keep sharp, set a timer for each 3-4 hours. Then stand up, have a cup of tea, draw a stick figure. Namely, do anything to fill the pause and reload your brain. It’s hard to get used to it, but quite possible.

Air Your Room

Keep the window open when it’s warm outside. If it’s cold or windy, do it from time to time. This will increase the concentration of oxygen and improve your physical state. Some advanced players prefer to set up near the window. All because they get more sunlight, which launches the mechanism of generating vitamin D. This element takes part in most processes and influences the general wellbeing.

Don’t Ignore Mistakes

Why do you lose? Was it necessary to chase that guy with no backup to support you? Use your head and ask these and other questions when you get killed. If you don’t have time during the battle, record your gameplay. It’s unnecessary to publish it anywhere. Just watch it later and analyze your moves. By the way, if you do upload it to your YouTube channel, it can be helpful. Other people will share their thoughts in comments and offer free tips. Some of them will be priceless.

Keep Fit

Gaming skills are important, but so is your physical state. Visit a gym or do exercises at home: such sweating will make you feel great. There are special workout moves to avoid spasms in wrists, neck, and shoulders:

  • Hand exercises (hand stretches)
  • Finger exercises (finger stretches, especially for your thumb)
  • Etc.

It’s better to rely on professional recommendations. Otherwise, it’ll cause more damage than good.

Optimize Your Gaming Space

It’s hard to become a pro if you play on a stool. Your back will ache and hands will get cold, etc. These are the elements you’ll need think about:

  • A high-quality chair
  • Headphones with sound-isolation features
  • A good controller

Find the gear that will be comfortable for you. For example, here are top gaming chairs to buy in 2022.

Avoid overheating your PC, console or mobile phone. Keep them cool to make sure there are no glitches. Here is the guide on how to achieve it.

Eat and Drink Water

The title may be so hooking that you forget to do these basic things. But consider these facts:

  • No food, no energy
  • Dehydration equals reduced concentration, motor skills, etc.

Stay away from snacks, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol: they’ll weaken you. Instead, follow a high-protein diet with fruits and vegetables. And make your meals regular.

Get Enough Sleep

You’ll need 7-9 hours of proper sleep to remain cold-blooded and concentrated. Otherwise, your reaction time and other skills will feel dumb. If you have trouble falling asleep, try mind tricks, meditate, and apply breathing tactics. A more technological method is to use a white noise machine. It’s a special device that produces soothing sounds to calm down and help you relax. Here are the best options to choose in 2022.

Never Stop Playing

Now you know how to get good at gaming. However, if you do the things above only once, it won’t have the desired effect. Persistence and repetitiveness are the features that matter. If you’re looking for cool online adventures, check out this article. It’ll show how to find real challenges to become the best gamer.

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