Top 5 Secret Features in Windows 8

Windows 8 has arrived with a bang and it is all set to make a revolution of sorts. Hence, it equally necessitates you to know the features which will ease you to the core. It has a unique and exciting feature of Metro which is a user interface

Following are the top features

Speedy Boot Time

Secret Features in Windows 8

It has electrifying speed as compared to its predecessor. It is possible since it has highly advanced features and hence users are going to get the best of assistance as well. Windows 8 also comes up with a speedier boot time as well.

Windows 8 uses a technique where as you shut down the system, it comes to a stage of partial hibernation every time. Hence, on rebooting the system, it gets reinitiated very quickly much to your ease and comfort.

Innovative & Dynamic Desktop

The first thing which you come across while logging Windows 8 is the Metro UI or the tiles-based interface.  Thanks to UI, it is quite easy to operate as you just have to use touch screen devices in the form of tablets and smart phones. In order to open the applications, you tap on such devices. The grid layout eases such interactions.  You can easily customize your grid according to the way you want by adding and arranging applications.

Improved Search Function

There is no search box for 8 at the bottom of Start menu as there is no trademark Start menu. The moment you type any thing, there will be a search box on the right which will give you the results. It searches with great effectiveness by simultaneously displaying different matching apps and files.

Windows To Go

Of all the features, this one stands out to be quite convenient for users. Windows To Go gives the luxury to its esteemed users to make a copy of their OS which is complete with settings, wallpapers, files along with apps, into a USB thumb drive.

As it is plugged into computer where Windows 8 is already installed, you can give an exact similar look like that of the OS by keeping all the settings intact.

Windows Live Syncing

Windows 8 provides Windows Live syncing which facilitates users to login on any Windows 8 PC with “Live ID”. They equally get their own personalized settings on it. When the users will login on a PC with their personalized Windows Live account, there will not be any sort of change to the desktop.

Hence, it is quite easy to migrate to a new PC, owing to the fact that the users have all the essential settings synced.

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