Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense is one of the leading online advertising programs owned by Google. It is a program where you can display advertisements on your website or blog and google pays you each time a visitor clicks on the program to your site. It is the best program that provides the highest rates. Getting Google Adsense is not an easy task as they have certain terms and conditions which once violated leads to disapproval from Google Adsense. But there is no reason to get disappointed if you get banned from google adsense as there are many Google Adsense alternatives. Some of the top google adsense alternatives are listed below:

BuySellAds :


This is one of the best alternative to Google Adsense. It is one of the famous advertising network which allows you to buy and sell ad space on blogs and websites. With BuySellAds you can decide the prices of your ads which you wish to sell on your site. To get an approval for BuySellAds, your site should have huge traffic without which they do not accept websites. BuySellAds gives about 75% of total earning to the publishers. You can receive the money via Paypal. There is no minimum payout in Paypal transfer. This is one of the best programs to monetize your site.

Adbrite :


This can be one of the best options of Google Adsense alternatives. It is a marketplace which offers publishers to monetize their websites. Adbrite does not have strict terms and conditions so even if your site has less traffic it will be accepted into Adbrite. It has a pay per click program. You also have the freedom to change the style of the advertisement according to your blog format. It also specializes in displaying banner ad on your site. It has several ad formats and contextual advertising banners. It pays via cheque only and not Paypal. The minimum amount is $100.

Chitika :


This program is similar to Adsense. If your blog is new with fresh content and you want to get a fair amount of money then this is the best program for you. This is a good referral program which only shows relevant ads which match your website content. It pays a high click rate mostly to the US and UK traffic and not Indian traffic. The minimum payout for Paypal is $10 and $50 for cheques. You can also use this program with Google Adsense.

Clicksor :


This is one of the most popular leading networks. It is a versatile program which provides many ads such as in-text contextual, pop ups, text banners and interstitial ads. It allows you to add as many sites as you want under a single account. The location and the keywords are filtered in by the contextual advertising system in a way that only the relevant websites are displayed. You can also earn extra income by referring to other publishers or advertisers. Every time you refer a publisher, clicks or pays you 10% additional income. The payments are received every 15 days with a minimum payout of $50. Payments is via Paypal, cheque as well as wire transfer.

Infolinks :


This is one of the good alternative to Google Adsense. It is one of the best in-line text ad programs for all kinds of blogs and websites. The best thing about infolinks is that it approves each and every blog or a website. It has an easy set up. Due to its in-line text the visitors do not get distracted from the advertisements. Whenever a visitor moves his cursor over the link he will be able to see a box showing an ad which is related to that specific word. In this way your website is scanned. Infolinks is best suited to high traffic websites. To generate more income there has to be more traffic on your website or blog. It uses Paypal account, cheque and bank transfer. The minimum payout for Paypal is $20.

Tribal Fusion :

Tribal fusion

This is a huge CPM advertising network that targets qualified websites. But it has strict requirements for getting approval. To get your site approved you need to have about 500,000 visitors per month which comes to approximately 15,000 visitors per day. So it is difficult to become a publisher at tribal fusion.

Kontera :


This is one of the oldest in-text advertising network and it is like infolinks which has in-line text ad programs. It accepts both high traffic and low traffic websites. It allows you to place text ads in the content. The in text ads are very effective and profitable. The minimum payout is $50. The payment method is by cheque, Paypal and wire transfer.

Bidvertiser :


This is a top alternative to Google Adsense. In this program the advertisers can bid against one another by looking through the available slots with the codes provided by the publishers. You will get paid if you click on the text ads which appear on your website. A lot of traffic has to be there to improve your chances of income. The minimum payout is $10. Once you reach this amount the money will be transferred into your Paypal account instantly. Money can be withdrawn from Paypal, cheque or wire transfer. Bidvertiser shows ads with highest bids only on your blogs and websites.

TextLinkAds :


This allows you to sell text links on your blogs. It offers 50/50 revenue share for the ads which are sold on your site. The minimum payment for cheque is $25. It supports Paypal and cheque. The payment methods are Paypal, Payooneer and cheque.

ExitJunction :

Exit Junction

This is a good Google Adsense alternative. It helps you earn revenues from your exit traffic. It also helps the visitor to go through the page which contains the maximum relevant search results. You automatically get paid when the visitor clicks on the search results provided by the exitjunction. It pays international traffic from the US, China, Canada. It has a minimum payout of 25$ by Paypal and 50$ by cheque.