Tutorial-How To Auto Delete Unwanted Messages In Android Devices

Are you sick of getting lots of unwanted messages on your phone? If yes then here we have something special for you which can help you with this problem. With the due course of this article, we will be discussing about the method about how to delete old messages and how to set SMS storage limits in Android phones.

Nowadays mobile phones are becoming the biggest source of advertisement and lots of advertisers are focusing on mobile phones to advertise their products. But no one wants to read advertisements on their phones. All such messages create lots of disturbance not only on your personal mode but also on your device performance. Such messages require device’s memory and as an outcome they slow down the performance of your device. But all thanks to ANDROID! Now you can save you and your device from the heavy load of unwanted messages. Being an Open Source platform, Android allows you to automatically delete your old and un-required messages.

How to delete old messages on android devices

You can very easily do so by following all the below mentioned steps carefully:

  1. Open Messaging App on your android device.
  2. Select Menu and choose Settings option.
  3. Now tick “Delete Old Messages” option.

delete unwanted messages in Android devices

Now you need to set a limiting value so that all the messages above this defined value can be deleted automatically. To do so you will have to use “Text message limit” option which is placed just below “Delete Old Messages” option. By default this value is set to 200 which mean you will have only 200 messages at a time in your device and all the messages above 200 will get deleted automatically.

You can set this value according to your need. However it is advised to set a lower value as it will save lots of your RAM and will thereby speed up your device.

This trick will keep your message count to a fixed value which in turn will boost your device performance. It will reflect positive effect on your device speed and battery life. So use this trick and glorify your Android device’s performance. Feel free to share your experiences in form of comments below.

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