Top 5 Efficient PDF Reader For Windows 10

Choosing the best PDF reader for Windows that suits the entirety of your necessities isn’t too difficult a task to accomplish. There are numerous tools available online that you can use depending on the degrees of usefulness. The current internet browsers are often everything necessary. As of now, they do what most free PDF readers can do. 

However, for those searching for a PDF that comes with advanced features, it might be somewhat challenging to look for one. It would be best if you considered multiple factors such as letting you perform specific tasks, such as digital signature, annotation, form filling, and so on; understanding what options are accessible can go far. 

For Windows 10, an exceptionally well-known operating system, there are countless PDF readers from which to pick. It is a direct result of this that we’ve chosen to compile our rundown of which 5 Windows PDF readers are the best free pdf readers of 2020, heading into 2021. To find one, keep reading!


The first pick on the list is recognized as the top PDF reader to access on your Windows. This tool offers a review function and can deal with your PDF document (edit, print, share) in only a couple of clicks. Other than that, this PDF reader provides additional tools to meet all of your needs, letting you produce high-quality documents.

It also makes sure to keep your file protected with its SSL encryption feature. Having a safe environment while transferring, editing, and downloading your file is one of the extra unique features of this tool, so you can freely view your PDF file. Plus, what makes this tool exciting to use is its available online and accessed on both your personal computer or smartphone. No need to worry about the chances of losing your files, as with cloud technology applied on the site, you can save them to your account with Pro membership.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most potent software accessible online and comes in basic and advanced features. This specific program is recommended for all PDF readers. It isn’t uncommon to go over a PDF record that requests a high-level PDF peruser in Windows 10. It may appear to be a bloated product particularly in contrast with the other tools on this rundown, yet that is because it is the one, in particular, that has an answer for all that PDF related. It’s the most helpful software on the rundown, discovering solutions for your PDF needs where other PDFs may come up short. 

It offers various features such as distinctive reading modes, text highlighting, the capacity to add notes and handle filling structures, stamps, and so much more. Adobe underpins a tabbed view with numerous PDF documents, permitting you to open and peruse those PDF files simultaneously. The best part about everything is that this tool’s basic version is free. 

PDF-XChange Light Editor 

On the off chance that you end up being on the market for something more lite, the PDF-XChange Lite is a free PDF reader available for Windows 10. The PDF-XChange brand has gone through a total redo and simplification, changing out “Viewer” for “Editor” in the name. The original version didn’t offer essential editing functions for free.

With the changes, it is now offering an appropriately named lightweight experience and features for reading and printing a file, commenting on, saving images and text, and so forth all inside a PDF file. On top of the software developers’ claim that the free version will transport with over 60% accessible feature, it makes PDF-XChange Lite an extraordinary entry into the PDF Reader classification. 


Next on the list is SumatraPDF, a lightweight front. It is an open-source PDF reader that primarily works from Windows 10 right back to XP. Commonly, anything marked with open-source implies a free and open product to the public to access while staying customizable to use for sure. SumatraPDF is licensed under GPLv3 permit and supports the PDF design and the EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CHM, XPS, and DjVu formats. 

Although SumatraPDF provides a great reading experience, it’s still lacking some features you might be looking for. It doesn’t offer record-making, comments, and structure filling. Nonetheless, if a light is a thing that you’re after, SumatraPDF provides a 64-bit installer that is no bigger than 5MB in size. 

Javelin PDF Reader

When you’re searching for a product with the entirety of the essential features and usefulness one could need from a PDF reader, there is Javelin available for you. At any rate, Javelin will let you finish all everyday tasks efficiently with its super clean interface and different screen-viewer capacities, for example, full, side by side, continuous, and many more.

It’s a reasonably lightweight software that comes at 2MB, particularly when contrasted with any of the likes of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Notwithstanding the basics, Javelin can help you see DRM-made sure about PDF documents, which are records that require decryption keys to open.


Today, there are many software available that are compatible with Windows 10 or higher. Going online will be the best step to look for a PDF reader. Some tools offer a free and basic version, and others also have premium ones. If you have some funds to use, it’s best to go directly for a pro or premium version. You will not encounter many ads and experience all of the features it offers. You can check all of the PDF reader tools we have listed above, but we may suggest going visit the website first on our first pick.

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