Samsung Epic 4G Touch on Sprint gets D710.10S.FH13 Software Update

A recent custom firmware update from Sprint wireless for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch is the hot news in the industry. The device is already updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. If you are yet to update to the new version, you can follow the instructions listed to apply the changes.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Updates Through Notifications From Sprint

The latest update numbered as D710.10S.FH13 is said to have increased the efficiency of battery life of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch on sprint. The battery life is extendable up to 3 days under this scenario. Sprint Wireless has notified all its users regarding the firmware update through notifications. There will be on screen notifications and instructions for the users who have received messages from Sprint.

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What To Do If You Haven’t Upgraded?

If you think you have missed on such notifications on your Samsung Epic 4G Touch, you can check it through the option “Software Update” under “About Phone” menu listed in “Settings”. Tap the “Check Now” option available under “Software Update” to check for any recent updates. You will get responses from the Samsung servers and you can tap on to download and install in your device.

Process Completion Time Frame For Your Samsung Epic 4G Touch

The process will take more than 15 minutes to complete the process after which your Samsung Epic 4G Touch will be re-started. So, are you done with the updates? Please do not forget to mention your user experiences here.

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