Are Self-driving Cars Just for the Rich?

When it comes to high-tech in cars, one important question keeps popping up: are the self-driving cars the super-cars of the future? Are there going to be only a few models available with the newest and best available technologies that only the rich will afford?

At this time opinions are divided, but the general opinion is that autonomous cars will have a powerful word to say in the way we live our lives. And, due to technological advancement, they will be available for everyone. Even more, the benefits they bring will completely change our vision on how we move from point A to point B.

But what makes them so important and not just another extra feature only people with money buy. What differentiates the self-driving system from the personalised number plates trend? After all, both trends seem a bit out of the box right now and a regular person would never consider investing money in either of them.

Below I listed the most important reasons that will bring us to the future, with autonomous cars driving us everywhere regardless of our annual income.

Increased Security

Once the autonomous car will become a regular presence on our streets, driving will be safer. Right now, over 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents each year in the world and over 20 million suffer serious injuries that completely change their lives. But with cars that talk to each other and continuously monitor incoming traffic from all sides, accidents will quickly be reduced to almost zero.

Of course, for this to happen there should only be self-driving cars on our streets and humans should forfeit the pleasure of driving to a computer.  Right now, the Tesla team managed to create a pretty accurate driving system that recognizes pedestrians, reads the traffic signs, and understands the obstacles. However, the system is far from being released to the public as a completely self-driving car.

Given the numbers and the huge benefit such cars would bring to our lives, the self-driving system should be a requirement and not an option on all vehicles.

No Traffic Jams

One of the biggest problems of our century is represented by traffic jams. Each morning when you go to work or each afternoon when you go back home, you have to wait in traffic surrounded by horns and annoyed drivers. But this would be a nightmare of the past if self-driving vehicles rise to power.

The car will quickly find the fastest route to take you wherever you want to go but it will also search for the best route to take so other cars won’t be delayed. This will create fluid traffic and since no one will make driving mistakes, there will be less traffic and speed restrictions.


Yet another problem of our present, parking would be easier with a self-driving vehicle. Since the car knows how to drive, it will also know how to find a good spot and park itself why you go about your day.

You can even send it to charge until you need it again and call it to pick you up when your work is done. This would decongest parking lots in the centre of towns since you don’t have to walk back from the parking spot to where you have to go.

The Cost

This is indeed a touchy subject as most prototypes today are designed for really expensive cars. However, as the technology will advance and car producers will start working with self-driving systems, the cost should drop for the final buyer.

There may even be a system that allows everyone to get a self-driving vehicle, starting with the very basic designs and ending with advanced features like self-parking and more.

A Few Final Words

Like it or not, we are moving forward towards the autonomous vehicles, and this is a good thing. Self-driving cars bring the promise of change and take a difficult task off our hands. Regardless of how much you love to drive, our brain is prone to mistakes that more often than not, are fatal.

So, when the self-driving vehicle will be mass-produced, we will be safer and happier in traffic, which will completely change our world and point of view.

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