PowerVision is out with PowerRay Underwater Drone

PowerRay is a new revolutionary water drone which can go to great drones to locate fish and even cast bait for the anglers. This underwater robot can record everything that is happening down there and send back the video to a hand- held device. One can also go for still photos. Drones are a wonderful way of making a fortune in mapping, advertisements, precision in agriculture, photography and fishing too.

PowerVision PowerRay Drone

The PowerRay drone has bought a technological development in fishing which is an underwater robot which can do much more than any angler can expect. PowerVision is back with PowerRay, a powerful fishing drone which is taking in deep waters to a new level. This is the first of the company to dive into the water.

PowerRay Drone Specifications

powervision under water drone by Power Ray
powervision under water drone

The PowerRay drone is equipped with a 4K camera that connects via Bluetooth or WiFi to your android as well as iOS devices. One can stream live to their devices in 1080P and take 12MP photos as well. This underwater fishing drone can dive 30 meters deep and has got a long lasting batter life of about 4 hours. Equipped with a fishfinder sonar, it helps to detect fish upto 40 meters below and also attract fishes.

How does it work

The PowerRay drone has an in- built fish detector that uses sonar to release sound waves as well as pick up reflections that are bouncing off from any object within their range. This device distinguishes species which enables the angler to more precisely identify their target. In addition to this, the underwater robot can also carry a baited hook under the water and then set it free.

When the angler wants to use the hook for catching the fish, the drone has got a blue hue light that it emits from the LED to lure the target to its hook. This helps to getting a fish at far depths. The PowerRay has a plug socket which connects to a 30 meter long cord that tethers the drone to its operator.

This cord has a dual functionality. One is the communication function where the drone transmits the data and commands through the cable to beat difficult transmission environments. The second is function is the safety function which comes in handy for the anglers if a big fish snatches the bait and it drags away the appliance.

Pros and Cons

This PowerRay drone can dive to deep distances and is easy to use.
It is highly reliable with high performance features and controls.
With a long battery life, it is lightweight too.
The main disadvantage of this drone is that it is corded which limit its hands-free operation and can be easily be pulled away from by a big fish which does require careful observation in the open sea.

The PowerRay Drone is definitely an exciting kit that anglers are looking forward to adding to their fishing-gear collection. Made of necessity for long hours of performance, both the drone and sonar have long life battery each which can last upto four hours.

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