The Perfect Accessories to Use with the GoPro

People love taking photos. If you just think about how we take Instagram seriously, for instance. Filter or no filter, we usually take time capturing photo-worthy moments. Sometimes we even take hundreds of photos of a specific scene and upload only one. And with this trend of sharing media on social network came gadgets and apps that can enhance the photo taking experience. Like the Fujifilm Instax Camera or the popular GoPro.

The GoPro Hero 5 which is available online at and in every tech store you can find is one of the latest in the action camera line. It has voice control, compact mounting, 4K video capacity, and a slew of features that will ensure everything you have recorded remains crisp and high quality. But with great gadgets come awesome accessories as well.

There are a lot of accessories you can use for the GoPro, but to help you decide to choose the best among them, we have created a list of the most recommended products to use with your GoPro.

PanaVise ActionGrip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit Thumb

If you are looking for an easy suction cup mount, this is your best bet. Not only is it quick to set up on any surface like rocks, cars, or boats; it is also very easy to use because of the embedded ball head. The suction cup mount used by the PanaVise id the ActionGrip 3-N-1 which is perfect for stunts or activities that involve high speeds.

GoPro Battery BacPac Gall

The GoPro is not exactly battery efficient. Some people would swap batteries midway through recording, and it is just too much of a hassle especially if something exciting is going on. So the Battery BacPac Gall is the perfect device to extend your GoPro’s power juice. You can get almost three hours of recording time with this device and comes with two waterproof backdoors. However, currently it only works with the GoPro Hero.

TurnsPro Mount

A trend with media these days are time-lapse shots, and you can use the TurnsPro Mount for that. The great thing about the TurnsPro Mount is you can add motion into your time lapse shot, just set it up on a sturdy surface, and adjust the settings to how long you want to film and how much you want it to rotate. You can even use it with other gadgets like your smartphone or a DSLR.

GoPro Chesty and GoPro Fetch

The both accessories are perfect for POV shots from low angles. So instead of mounting the GoPro on helmets, for instance, not a lot of activities require high angles. There are those like playing the piano that should highlight your hands or swimming which should show what is underwater. Additionally, the GoPro Fetch are for shooting POVs of your pets. You can mount it on their chest or their back and record their activities. These accessories are especially perfect if you are doing an activity together.


Yeah, drones are pretty cool to use, but the AirDog allows for more awesome controls. With the use of the armband called the AirLeash, which comes with built-in controls and Bluetooth, you can have set the AirDog’s auto follow or control it with your arm. This is perfect for trips that do not have a sturdy surface where you can mount your GoPro, or simply for recording your walk around the city for instance.

The GoPro is not just for recording high-octane activities or sports. It also allows you to record your travels in a unique way. Whether it is for recording POV shots or something more eccentric, the GoPro is definitely the gadget to use.

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