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Disadvantages of cloud computing

“Nothing’s perfect” You must have heard that little phrase already, and having said that I would like to go on with the topic of Cloud computing. This post of mine doesn’t elaborate the advantages or benefits or any other factor but the most decisive of them all…the disadvantages. Well, as I have mentioned in the start itself, nothing’s perfect…then how’d you expect this one to be??

Disadvantages of cloud computing

With the new technologies coming every day, there are a whole lot of functions and services coming u which cause the need for update and newer versions. What these new version mainly contain are a few bug fixes and the solution to the previous ones disadvantages. So basically unless the disadvantages are mentioned, there would hardly be improvements.

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Advantages of Cloud Computing

Reasons Why You Need Cloud Computing

Now talking about Cloud computing, it is a service which has recently come up and can surely use a few improvements so that it becomes even more user-friendly and easy to use. So below are the few disadvantages of the cloud systems which we think as users could improve and turn out for the better.

Up and Down…

Cloud Computing is a relatively fast and new service but the negative part on this is that it is entirely based on the internet connection…so what happens is that if the internet is down, you’re down and you just can’t access any of the files or data from you cloud.

Internet connection may belong to the very best company but sometimes it just goes down, and when it does, you’re down no more access to any of the data from the cloud. Unknown to what the companies can do to overcome this one,  this one is sure the biggest disadvantage to the service.

The Wallet massacre

This one is entirely dependent on the company you choose to take up the company from, Cloud computing, as a matter of fact is offered by numerous companies which gives you a whole bunch of variety to choose from.

And whenever there are a lot of companies offering the same features, it’s a tough choice to make. So before you think about going for a company, try looking for a few customer reviews.

So is Cloud Computing only a feature for the rich?? No absolutely not…

The cost of Cloud computing services entirely depends on the company you choose and the packages you choose from. Whilst you should surely go for the best company as titled by the customer reviews but you should also ensure that you have your wallet in mind too.


Security is the first thing that you have in mind after you have all your data put up. Well security can at times become an issue to those who go for the local companies offering cheap cloud computing services. And no, making a choice for the most costly isn’t the solution…whatever ma be the security level you should make sure that you have the setting properly configured and set everything as “private” in terms of access.

Note: Also, making sure that the company you choose has the security certificates is an important task.

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