Creating Mobile Apps: A Step-By-Step Guide

Do you have a great idea and what to create a new app about it? Why not? There are so many apps being launched on the app market every day, so if you’re passionate about introducing an app to your target audience, you should definitely go for it. If you were wondering how to create mobile apps and what steps you will need to take to have a final product, we bring you everything you need to know in this article. 

1.  Define Your App Idea

What will your app be about? What problem does it aim to solve? Who will be its users? 

If you still don’t have this figured out, don’t worry. You can spend some time researching and looking at apps you frequently use and maybe you’ll get inspired. You can also think about a problem you have that an app could solve. If none of these produces ideas, you can go back to the apps you were checking out before and see if you can improve one of the already existing apps.


Believe it or now, many new apps you see are actually just an improved version of an app that already exists. So, take a look at their features, UI/UX design, and how they interact with their target audience to get your app idea. 

2.          Do Proper Research

Besides researching what other similar apps exist, you will need to do more research. Check how these apps are being marketed, how they build their community and their reviews on different websites. Spend some time researching all of this and don’t just skip into creating an app as you’ll not have enough information to create something valuable. 

3.          Write Down Your App Features

Which features would you like to have within your app? Think about what features your users will need to make the most of your app. Write a list of everything you’d like to implement, but keep in mind that sometimes less is more. Having too many features might just confuse the users and they end up not using the app in the end.


That’s why it’s a good idea to separate your features into core features and optional features. This will allow you to take a closer look at what your app definitely needs to have and what could be offered besides the crucial features. 

4.          Do Design Mockups

You don’t have to be a designer or a developer to do your first design mockups. The goal of it is to provide your developer with an entire app journey. Show how many screens will it be necessary until your app users reach their goals, list things that are important to be highlighted within the app, and map out where everything needs to sit. 


When working on design mockups, make sure you’re thinking from the user’s perspective. After all, if they don’t find your app engaging and useful, they will leave it after the first few attempts. 

5.          Test Before, Test During & Test After

How well your app will perform in front of its users will depend heavily on how well you have tested it throughout the entire process. You will need to test everything before launching the product. Make sure you have checked how it looks on each device, is it accessible by everyone, and do A/B testing of it all.


When it comes to mobile app vulnerabilities, only testing can help you detect them. Not to mention that it’s better if you discover them than your users. Another thing you will also need to test is the security of your app. 

6.          Work on Graphic Design

Once you have it all mapped out, it’s time to start working on the graphic design. Here is where you’ll need to think about the colors, fonts, and different elements that will affect the overall app design. Whichever your choices might be, make sure that your design looks clean and simple, but engaging. 


Whether it’s for design or development, sometimes it’s best to reach out to a team of experts who offer mobile apps services to people who are eager to create their mobile apps. They will be able to provide you with excellent support and take care of all these steps for you, while you can focus on marketing the app.

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