Notable Features of the Microsoft Surface Hub In 2021

Back when the Surface Hub was launched in 2015, there was almost nothing like it available in the market. The advanced features like all-in-one video conferencing, digital whiteboard, and the presentation device were worthy of admiration. The promise to turn any space into a collaborative environment further accelerated the adoption of Microsoft Surface Hub in the workplaces.

Cut to the present era, and the Surface Hub looks all set to gain renewed popularity with the launch of several major improvements. And today, let’s take a closer look at the five most prominent improvements that make the Surface Hub all the more attractive.

The Impressive 85.6-Inch Model to Suit All Environments

The generous size of Hub 2S has proved valuable in nearly all environments. However, the users wanted to have a bigger model for those expansive boardrooms. At 85.6-inch, the functionality of the latest version can mimic the present Surface Hub 2S of 50.5-inch. However, the latter has a 16:9 aspect ratio for use at the head of the boardroom, while the present model features a 3:2 ratio. But, the new model is lighter, thinner, narrower, and definitely easy to maneuver.

Better Battery Power for Improved Mobility

The addition of the battery means that for the first time, the users get to untether the Surface Hub 2S and turn any physical space into their workspace. The battery has at least 90-minute charging time and lets the device stay unplugged for a minimum of hundred minutes. The installation is pretty simple, as well. You only need to insert the battery into the shelf on the Steelcase stand.

Software Updates for Easier Deployment

The new model is not all about hardware improvements. So, let’s consider the top software updates now, starting with the deployment.

You get conditional access support, AD (Azure Active Directory) single signing, and non-global admin support for the devices joined to Azure Active Directory. All in all, it means that you get to enjoy more secure and easier deployment and management. The streamlined sign-up process with all the major MS applications will get the work done faster.

Updates for Increased Productivity and Collaboration

The Surface Hub 2S has a number of crowd-pleasing updates in terms of increased productivity and collaboration. In terms of a major jump in collaboration, you can now use two pens at the same time. Combine this feature with added shortcuts, and the pen updates are bound to be one of the most popular feature for all users.

After all, this pen support will come in super-handy during collaborative meet-ups and brainstorming sessions organized using Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, the features like Chromium based Edge browser, dual pen linking, and more are also pretty commendable to use in collaborative environments.

The Bottom Line

Keeping all the improvements in mind, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Surface Hub 2S is the future of collaborative devices, and it’s already making all the right noises in the modern workplaces. So, have you embraced the cutting-edge features of the Surface Hub 2S yet?

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