Alternatives to the Hulu TV App

Here, we will be providing you with some fine alternatives to the Hulu TV App that you must try out if you love Hulu App. 

All the TV lovers must have heard about the Hulu TV App, right? If you have used it, then you know it is a unique and amazing application to use and watch TV and movie content. You have access to some of the finest movies, TV series, cartoons collection that you can find. 

But since it is a paid app, some people tend to not go for this, rather get an app that provides these services for free or on a lower price. 

So, following are our best picks for you if you want to have an experience similar to Hulu TV App. 

Best Alternatives to Hulu TV App

Hd Streamz 

This application serves you with some finest online content that you can get. All the collection of movies and TV Series is sorted along with subtitles. Watch movies online, or even download to see them later. 

The best part about this is that it is free and allows you to stream movies in offline mode. It fulfills the tag of Alternative to Hulu TV App perfectly. The Interesting part of this application is, you can install this in you android device, and works well. You can download Hd Streamz Apk in free and download or stream the latest tv shows and movies for free.  


Here is another cool free alternate to Hulu TV. It comes with a large collection of movie and TV content. HD movies, quality services and the download facility makes it all the more reliable and amazing to use. 

Since it is free, you won’t have to worry about the expenses part. Watch movies, TV Series, and even YouTube channels for free with custom subtitles. 


If you are looking for free alternatives, don’t ignore this one. Yidio has a big catalogue of content in its basket and is equipped with High-Definition video quality. 

So, watch latest movies, TV Series, Anime, Sports, etc. for free, even those on platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. It is a perfect alternative to Hulu TV App. 

You are aware that intenet has huge number of data with it. Take the entertainment section for instance. There’s an unimaginable amount of data available online. 

Here comes the to the rescue. It sorts out the finest and the elite content and data, organizing into a well-drafted manner so that you can enjoy the entertainment without any trouble. 


Crackle has a very smooth and easy-to-use interface. You can play movies easily enough on the app without any hush-hush. 

Navigate easily through the app among various movies and TV Series and see which ones you like the most. You can browse the movies online only, the download option is not available yet. 

If you can afford paid applications, then here are our best picks for Hulu TV App alternatives- 


Well well, here’s something that requires no introduction at all. The revolutionary application that has changed the landscape of online Series concept, Netflix is undoubtedly the best in the business.  

Huge number of movies, TV Series, podcasts, and even Netflix-produced movies in large numbers are present on the app. Get it today if there’s no money boundation. 

Amazon Prime Video 

Similar to Netflix, the Prime Video has over 95,000 movies and content to choose from. So, if you want to have an application that enables and provides you with a huge basket of movies, this is the one. 

It is a paid service and after paying a little amount, you can enjoy seamless experience of movies, TV and Web series and other online content. Watch online or download to watch later. 

Google Play Movies &  TV 

Searching for Alternatives to Hulu TV App? Don’t go far, just look in your mobile phone. You will see a cool and affordable Hulu TV App alternate. 

On Google Play, you can Rent a movie at a small amount or even buy it at a larger one. Hence, you can find movies only.  

Final Thought

 So, these were the best Alternatives to Hulu TV App. If you don’t like the Hulu TV App, you can make a change and a shift to others. There are a number of cool applications like it and better. If you can afford the paid ones, then go for it, otherwise choose the free ones.

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