How is Magneto 2 size chart helping people around the world?

Magento 2


If you’re having one of those clothing businesses, then sizing problems is one of the possible issue. There are different size charts used in different places around the globe. Some use it on the basis of inches while other rely on centimeters and meters. Hence, when you are running such a business, you need to cater to all the possibilities in order to maintain a decent brand image. If you do not have a planned size chart for your business, then chances are that people won’t buy your goods. And those who will buy, will replace/return them regularly. So, what should businesses do?

Magento 2 size chart extension

The new Magento 2 size chart extensions helps businesses in getting the perfect size chart options for their business. With this feature, you can easily create your personalized size charts for products and customize it according to your liking. Similarly, the extension provides you the option of displaying your size chart on multiple places throughout the website. This can acta as a huge boost for the company as businesses will have less complaints from the customers regarding the size issues.

Why is size chart an important inclusion to the business?

Consider yourself buying clothes online. You are excited for its arrival and as soon as you try them on, you find out that it doesn’t fit you. Won’t that completely hook you off? Well, this is exactly what businesses need to keep in mind when designing their websites. Rather than focusing on other matters that are less significant, they should try and include all the sizes that are important for their clients. This will help them in maintaining a good image amongst their competitors. Since customers cannot try on the product before they purchase it, the size chart should be available to solve their issues.

The perfect solution!

There is no denying the fact that with the new Magento 2 size chart extension, things have become a lot easier for businesses. There is no designated limit for the creation of charts. You can create size charts for each specific product or on the whole category, your wish. Alongside this, you can also add multiple images, guidelines or text to help people in better understanding. The best part about this is that you can assign the charts to multiple places within the website. This is a good pick as there is no one position that the size chart stays.

Unlimited options to pounce upon

The Magento 2 extension for size charts is a very flexible program to function. People often feel that it only offers users to select a size chart for a particular product that is then applied to all. But, that’s not how it works. Rather, this extension allows you to try on multiple sized charts for each category or even each product. This way you can diversify the choices for the customers and make sure they are presented all the possible sizes available. If you do have this facility under your desk, then you will definitely have an upper hand over your rivals.

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