What is Message Intelligence and how can it Benefit Modern Businesses?

This innovative software can take your organisation to the next level

No one could have predicted that the years 2020 and 2021 would have been such a rollercoaster of global lockdowns and restricted movement. And who would have thought that we would have become so tired of the word ‘unprecedented’? Yet the COVID-19 pandemic – whose impact is still being felt around the world – turned every facet of modern life on its head.

One of the many changes driven by the pandemic has undoubtedly been our increased reliance on all things digital. The necessary speed with which businesses have pivoted towards digital transformations over the past 18 months has created long-term shifts in behaviour and an evolution in the way many organisations are run. We’ve all realised just how valuable digital solutions can be for flexibility, business continuity, efficiency and (importantly) customer.

With that in mind, we’re going to take a closer look at a particularly beneficial tool being adopted by many organisations who are now trading online – message intelligence.

What is message intelligence?

Message intelligence is designed to filter, classify and channel streams of messages in real time. As a packaged solution, it can also extract information from incoming messages and their attachments, automatically performing actions with a high level of accuracy that can be adapted to meet the needs of a specific organisation.

There are several different uses for message intelligence, including as a complete solution, or as an integrated part of wider enterprise workflow.

Through message intelligence, larger organisations can vastly improve their productivity, responsiveness and customer satisfaction, all while reducing the costs of processing vast amounts of incoming messages manually. From emails to social media posts, message intelligence can classify and process various sources of input in real time based on your organisation’s specific requirements.

The software makes use of natural language understanding to effectively triage messages with similar meaning but different phrasing. It also offers the possibility of customer semantic classifiers to be created in just a matter of hours, with a fraction of the training usually required.

What are the benefits of message intelligence?

Message intelligence stands above other message processing software due to its human-level accuracy. The combination of keyword and semantic filters means that message intelligence can recognise sentences with similar meanings but different phrasing. This allows the software to process more complex messages with the same quality as a human.

The speed and accuracy of message intelligence essentially falls in line with real-time processing, offering a significant performance increase for businesses receiving large volumes of information from a variety of sources.

Despite being advanced, message intelligence is not complicated. This user-friendly tool can be easily customised with extraction models and custom classifiers. What’s more, this requires a fraction of the training material required by traditional AI approaches. These custom filters and classifiers can be created within hours, and without the need for AI or NLU expertise. This offers a temptingly short time for production.

Who is message intelligence for?

Any company that needs to react quickly to customer enquiries must consider message intelligence as a staple tool in their software suite in the future. It can also be used to help organisations comply to strict regulatory standards in respect of their communication methods, and is there to support businesses that receive a high volume of emails on a daily basis.

By decreasing the costs of processing information, accurately classifying data, improving your response times through automation and providing a speedy production time, message intelligence offers unrivalled benefits to businesses across all industries.

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