What Are the Benefits of CPAP Technology on Health and Sleep?

The CPAP machine is known to improve breathing during the night and promote better sleep among people suffering from sleep apnea. What many don’t realize is that sleep not only affects the way we function during the day, but many of our body’s processes as well. But what exactly are the benefits of CPAP technology on sleep and your general health?

Improved Cognitive Function

One of the major benefits of CPAP technology is improved cognitive function during the day.  Another benefit is the preservation of your mental functions long-term. When your breathing is interrupted at night, even for a few moments, again and again, your brain is deprived of the oxygenation it needs. Over the long term, this causes those with sleep apnea to be at greater risk of degenerative brain diseases and develop issues much sooner than they would have otherwise.

A side benefit of a CPAP machine is that you eliminate the brain fog much earlier in the day (or altogether), making you a safer driver and more productive employee. It also elevates your general mood as well.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Those with sleep apnea are at greater risk of high blood pressure. This probably accounts for the higher odds that those with sleep apnea will suffer a stroke. Furthermore, this condition increases the risk of irregular heart function. This means that a CPAP machine reduces your odds of cardiovascular problems.

If you already have low blood oxygen, the condition’s worsening due to sleep apnea increases the odds you’ll suffer from arrhythmia. Some have tried to establish a link between varicose veins and fluid accumulation reduction and better management of sleep apnea, but more studies are needed.

Conversely, those with circulation problems are certainly at greater risk of worsening cardiovascular health; if untreated sleep apnea aggravates underlying conditions that strain their heart even more.

Helps Prevent Diabetes

In addition to cardiovascular health, there seems to be some correlations between sleep apnea and diabetes as well. For example, someone with sleep apnea is more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, but the risk of developing sleep apnea is greater for those who suffering from obesity. This means that it could also be a contributing factor to both sleep apnea and diabetes.

Where Can I Find a CPAP Machine?

If you get a CPAP machine, you will immediately start feeling the benefits and will start to alleviate the condition that triggers or aggravates various related health problems. However, the challenge for many people is knowing which CPAP machine is right for them. If you want to know which model to buy, Digitizd provided this great resource to explain what to look for when shopping for a CPAP.

We spend a lot of money on devices and furniture to help us sleep better because of its impact on our quality of life. CPAP technology improves your health and quality of life to a greater degree than a new mattress ever could.

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