Video Surveillance–The Most Affordable Home Security

There have been millions of articles written on the topic of home security, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to cost effectiveness. There is more than one way of skinning a cat (God forbid!), and in simple terms, the goal of the homeowner is to acquire a good security system at an affordable price, and video surveillance ticks all the boxes in that regard.

Deterrent Value

For the average house burglar, the possibility of a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of portable items is the summit of their aspirations, and any open window would present the ideal opportunity, yet, the presence of a few CCTV cameras changes everything, and your property will quickly be scratched from their “desired thieving location” list. When one thinks about it, it is much wiser to prevent an unlawful act from occurring than to chase and ultimately prosecute the offender, and any thief would instinctively avoid video surveillance of any form.

Security Levels

This is the key to sourcing the right security system, and the average home wouldn’t need reinforced steel doors and bars on the windows, which is the kind of thing a jewellery store would demand. You only need something that deters the house breaker, and CCTV provides that, with round the clock monitoring and storing the data for future reference. The only way to equal that is to have 24/7 manned security and we all know what that would cost. Many Australian homeowners ask themselves if it is really necessary to put security mesh on the doors and windows, and the fact of the matter is that CCTV security systems in Melbourne will ensure yours will not be added to the long list of burgled properties.

Year Round Reliability

A State of the art video surveillance system will never let you down, and your pet will not activate flashing lights and sirens that wake up the entire street, neither will your digital security partner care what time of day it is, and with the right set up, you can even view your home remotely, which is ideal when that much needed annual holiday comes around. Admittedly, when they first arrived on the scene, digital cameras were a little on the expensive side, but like anything else, technological developments made video surveillance affordable for all, and should you wish to reap the benefits of CCTV solutions, a simple online search will bring up a list of local suppliers, and with a little browsing, a quote comparison should lead to you to make an informed decision, although price should never be the deciding factor, as you should opt for hi-end cameras, which will stand the test of time.

If you were to analyse the reasons why CCTV is such a popular choice, the word “deterrent” comes to the surface, and that is really what home security is all about, after all, we are not talking highly professional heist experts, who let’s face it, will gain entry wherever they wish, and the average house breaker is looking for a quick snatch that comes from an open ground floor window, and video surveillance is not an option for such a person.

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