Ticket Jugaad App for Seats Availability According to Station

We generally face lot of issues with train tickets booking. Train journey is safe, safer and comfortable when compared to other sources of traveling. We always see waiting list for trains and a special App was designed to solve this problem to some extent. This exciting App by name ‘Ticket Jugaad’ was designed by two ordinary engineering students. Runal Jaju of IIT Kharagpur and Shubham Baldava of NIT Jamshedpur came with new mobile App which is very helpful to check seats availability. The specialty of this App is it will show seats availability with respect to multiple stations. So that we can book tickets from one station or the other if we are unable to find from one particular station. Already we are having IRCTC website for which we have to enter our source and destination stations while booking tickets. But using this App we can check seat availability with alternate stations also.

Ticket Jugaad Tickets App

Ticket Jugaad App for
Ticket Jugaad

Tickets availability will depends on source and destination stations and there is chance of getting tickets from other stations. And hence this Ticket Jugaad will help to check seat availability with alternate stations nearby. IRCTC official website helps to check only trains availability between mentioned stations only and fails to show seats availability with other nearby stations. Ticket Jugaad was launched to solve this problem and it will show all seats availability with respect to station. This was designed with efficient algorithm which finds all stations seats availability. Actually this was designed for Kharagpur’s business-model competition and these two people won 2 lakh cash prize. Present it is only available for Android users only they are in a plan to expand this App to different operating systems. Ticket Jugaad layout is in process now and makes App users to visualize better.

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