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The Importance of Keywords in SEO

One of the most popular terms that you may have probably heard is keywords. As an entrepreneur who utilizes digital marketing campaigns, you must have encountered this term already. However, if you are a newbie to search engine optimization, you might find it a little confusing as to what keywords truly mean and why they are so important. If you’re here to learn more about keywords, you’ve landed on the right page.

Types of keywords

Now that you are familiar with keywords and how they are related to search engine optimization, it is better if we dive deeper into discussing what keywords truly are. Here are the types of keywords you must know:

  • The first type is called informational keywords. This type of keyword refers to the words or phrases used by a target audience who is looking for an answer to a specific question or looking for general information on the internet.
  • In addition to that, the next type of keywords in digital marketing is called navigational keywords. These are words or phrases used by a target audience who intends to look for a specific website or a web page online.
  • Another type of keyword that we have in digital marketing is called commercial keywords. These are specific words or phrases used by a target audience who is investigating a particular brand, product, or service.
  • Moreover, the last type of keywords in digital marketing is called transactional keywords. These are words or phrases used by a target audience who has a purpose of completing an action or making a purchase.

Why are keywords important in SEO

After learning about the definition of keywords and how the different types of keywords are related to digital marketing, let us now discuss why keywords are important in SEO.

  • To give you an idea, keywords can offer you some hints regarding your target audience and they can give you clues about what they really want. By understanding these aspects, it will allow you to meet their needs effectively.
  • If you are an entrepreneur in Chicago, keywords can act as a bullseye towards which you can aim the content in your business website. By aiming at these so-called bullseyes, you are actually setting yourself to achieve success.
  • If you will only focus on trying to appeal to everyone in Chicago, you will more likely get away empty-handed. This is when keywords take place. If you will be exclusive in using keywords, you can reach your target audience easily.
  • If you want to overcome these challenges in digital marketing, you can always choose to seek assistance from a top SEO agency in Chicago to help you with your tasks.


After reading the entire discussion, you are already equipped with key concepts and ideas that will help improve your digital marketing campaigns. You can apply these strategies in targeting keywords and creating effective content for your business website. Remember, it is not just about getting a high ranking. It is all about increasing the number of your visitors, building brand awareness, and boosting your sales.

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