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How Technology Is Assisting NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been a fixture since 1958. The main goals of NASA have always been to explore beyond the world we know and learn more about life in the solar system. Much of the early years were spent going into space to learn about other planets and space in general. The focus is still on exploring and learning. Space has so much to teach us that new things are being discovered all the time.

With all the technology we now have, space exploration is getting even better. In addition, technology has led to NASA inventions being introduced to the public to make daily life better. It’s hard to ignore all the ways that technology has impacted NASA.

Space Flights

It’s worth noting that if there wasn’t technology, there wouldn’t even be a NASA. Technology enabled the building of rockets and other spacecraft that shot man to the moon and made it possible to get beyond our own ozone. In addition, thanks to technology, NASA has been able to expand. Because of it, space flights can now go further than ever before. For example, a flight to Mars is in the works where a team will explore the planet in search of life or proof of life, which could finally solve the mystery of life outside of Earth. In addition, unmanned flights can now easily take place and gather information. Even travel beyond the moon, where we have never been, is now a possibility thanks to technology.


Geographic information systems have been helping NASA in mapping the surface areas of planets, like Mars, as explained by USC Online. This technology uses remote access to map areas where man has never even been. GIS can create detailed maps showing very aspect of an area. This information has been compiled into the USGS Planetary Map Server. Anyone can access this to learn more about the solar system and the known details that have been recorded.

Impacting Daily Life

The work NASA does is not just focused on learning more. It is also focused on answering lingering questions and seeing how what we learn about space can help us here on Earth. NASA has introduced a lot of technology back to consumers. Things like LEDs and artificial limbs have all come from NASA technology. These innovations have made life better for many people. NASA has also introduced ideas that help to keep people safe. This includes better land mine removal, safer highways and the introduction of fire-resistant materials. NASA even has a website that shows all the different things it has inspired that people are using every day

The role of technology can’t be ignored when it comes to space exploration. NASA would be at a standstill without it. Technology has led to the development of new rockets and crafts that are able to handle the demands of deeper space trips. It allows the monitoring of crafts that are space, so data can be collected and astronauts can communicate with those on Earth. Without technology, we would never be able to explore the outer limits of space or even know anything about what is beyond our world.

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