8 Things You Don’t Know You Can Do With An Online PDF Converter

PDF is probably one of the most useful and efficient file formats in the market because of its accessibility. Because of this, it has become the first choice of many professionals when it comes to document management. More than that, it is also easy to manage, especially with the help of an online PDF tool. Have you tried to convert files to PDF using an online platform? 

It is a more convenient way of creating a more permanent copy of your documents by converting them to PDF files. It works on all types of files, such as a plain word document, a spreadsheet, a slideshow presentation, or even images. However, did you know that there are more tools and features available in an online PDF tool? In this article, we will showcase some of the best functions that you can use to modify your PDF files.

PDFBear: An All-in-one Online PDF tool

One of the most reliable online PDF tools today is called PDFBear. It can do more than just converting your files to and from PDF. Here are some of its features and how it can help with your daily tasks.

Repair corrupted PDF

With the help of PDFBear, you can repair PDF file. It will be beneficial in case you cannot suddenly open your documents. Through time, especially when it has been transferred from one device to another, any file tends to be corrupted. It can also happen with a PDF document. However, you do not need to panic in case this happens to you. You can rectify the issue by using this platform. It will only take about 2 minutes, and you will already be able to access your PDFs again.

Add page numbers

It is easier to track long documents such as research papers and contracts if it has page numbers. Also, it will help you avoid losing some of the pages if you are printing the documents. In cases where you suddenly realize that your PDF file has no page numbers, you do not need to convert another file again. All you need to do is to use PDFBear and add page numbers to your PDFs for free.

Personalize with a watermark

If you want to emphasize a notice on your document to make sure that only authorized people can read it, you can add a watermark that states “Confidential” on the entire page. Moreover, if you need to add a little personalization to your files, you can also add the company logo as a watermark. Both of these can be done using this all-in-one PDF tool. You don’t need to install or download anything on your computer or device. Access their website, and you can add a watermark to your PDF files.

Sign PDF documents

How many times have you chased your boss to sign a document? Also, how many papers and efforts have you wasted because you need to sign a file sent to you via email? Luckily, you do not need to worry about those things anymore. PDFBear offers a feature that allows you to affix your signature to any PDF file. You do not need to have a computer or a laptop to do that. This platform is accessible even on mobile devices, which means that you can close a deal by just using the web-based PDF tool.

Protect and unlock PDF files

One of the best features of PDF is that you can protect it with a password. You can encrypt security protection to your file to make sure that only authorized persons can access the document. Additionally, you can also remove a password from a PDF file using this tool. But, if you think that it is a bit risky to give your information online, you do not need to worry. PDFBear uses an advanced security system where all files and information uploaded on their website will be deleted an hour after processing the request. It means that you can easily lock and unlock your PDF files with peace of mind.

Compress PDFs

Have you ever encountered sending a PDF document, but it always exceeds the allowed file size for attachments? While it is frustrating to experience that, it is something that can be resolved easily. PDFBear also has a feature that will help you reduce PDF file size. Additionally, it doesn’t ruin the quality of your file. The overall appearance will still be the same as the original document.

Combine multiple PDF documents

Decluttering your digital files is very important to save space on your computer, plus it will also be easier for you to locate them when needed. If you happen to have a lot of PDF files on your computer, you might want to consider merging related files and save them as one PDF. You can conveniently do that using PDFBear in as easy as four simple steps.

Split pages from a PDF

There are certain occasions when you need to get only selected pages of a specific PDF to send to a client. Or sometimes, you may need to extract all the pages of a PDF and save them into individual files. It may sound tedious for some, but it is only a few clicks to process through PDFBear. With the Split feature, you can do either of the two functions anytime, anywhere. 

Use a reliable online PDF platform!

Maximize all the good things that PDF can offer. PDFBear can take a big load from your shoulders and will help you become more productive every day. Check out their website to know more about their features and services.

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