Supreme Court Orders National anthem Should be played in all cinema Hall Before Screening

Nowadays people are taking national anthem for granted, and most of the people don’t know how to sing the anthem, probably ends up making mistakes while singing our national anthem. Today the Supreme Court released a statement regarding this. It looks like the time has come that everyone must honor his national anthem and show some respect. The court said that National anthem should be played in all cinema theater before the movie. And also the exits should be closed before during the national anthem.

Play national anthem

Today in the court, a bench led by Deepak Mishra has issued guidelines on the national anthem, and he further said that the anthem shouldn’t be exploiting commercially, and every person must show respect irrespective of status and age. And every person must be taught how to sing the national anthem properly and should take pride in it. The bench also said “Time has come when peoples should respect national anthem. People must feel that it is their country. It is because of the country that they are enjoying freedom and liberty”.

The court also said that the Indian flag should be showed on the movie screens during the anthem, and everyone must stand up during the national anthem. Aged people are exempted in this,The government has promised that the system will be implemented within ten days. The centre said that it will pass this order to all the states in the country and will also publish it in media.

In 1960s national anthem was used to play when the cinema is over, and people often used to walk out in the middle. Over the years, this system has faded away. In 2003, Maharashtra made it compulsory to play the national anthem in all the cinema halls.

Whether to play national anthem in cinema halls or not the topic has generated a lot of arguments over the years; Now it is compulsory to play the national anthem in the movie theaters, and everyone must take pride and stand up during the anthem. The court also said that the use of national anthem on disgraceful or undesirable places is prohibited. and also it should not be played on any entertainment TV shows as it exploits commercially. There’s shouldn’t be any drama while singing or playing the national anthem.

The order came out when a petition was filed by  Shyam Narayan Chouksey who runs an NGO in Bhopal, and also a retired engineer. Shyam’s counsel Abhinav Srivastav urged the court to play the national anthem in all the cinema halls before the start of cinema.

Looks like the court has taken this decision very seriously, now there would be no dramas, effects in the national anthem. Everyone must take part in the anthem and should show respect.

Lets us know your opinions in the comment section below regarding the order of playing national anthem in the cinema halls, and also how far this system will continue?

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