3 Important Points to Consider During Mobile App Development

Before developing an app and start implementing on an idea, the first and foremost question, one must ask is that, whether the app is the solution to the challenges that one may be currently facing. Probably, this is one of the most apparent reasons why most apps fail, is taking into consideration the fact of how relevant the app is and how user-friendly the app is. Think about all the apps that you regularly use from the morning like WhatsApp for messaging and Angry Birds and Candy Crush for playing games, Google Maps and many more.

Our Mobile world is full of such unique ideas that are shaping the industry. With so many successful apps, it must be easy to develop an app.   Developing an app is simple or challenging, is a debatable topic. Where there are probably zillions of app in the market, not all of them are successful. There are thousands of apps every year which were a fail. What distinguishes the failed apps from the successful ones is that the successful mobile app development company like Brainvire Infotech INC who pays much closer attention to every detail of the app without skipping any part which isn’t so enjoyable that the rest of the parts. Some of the crucial points to consider when developing an app might help you to create a successful one.


The right planning and targeting the audience, Marketing

Setting up a plan and figuring out where you stand and whats makes your app stand out in the cluster of apps in the market is the first step. While planning, all the little questions start coming in like the pricing plans, whether the app will require an initial downloading fee or a monthly fee, the target audience, the amount that makes the most sense to the target audience, whether the app should have in-app purchases or not, and many such questions come up while planning, and there is a need to attend to all of them.

Representation behind the app strategy and the extent of reach the app developer applies will make all the difference. The time required in developing an app and the capital necessary are some of the essential factors to consider during the building of the app. But, side by side creating a marketing plan and how much it will cost to market the app itself, it also vital. Consider the questions about how will people find your app or even consider downloading your app are equally important. Being realistic is the key here, and setting up a very realistic plan will do the trick.


Today, every individual is dependent on mobile applications. If there are too many glitches in the app, chances are the user will delete it immediately and look for another app, which does not cause hindrances.  Unless it is Facebook, Uber or Airbnb, chances are the app is easily replaceable. Therefore, the performance of the app is significant, and a fast database helps in a flawless performance. While choosing a database, there are a few points to consider like the data structure, sped and scalability, safety and security of the data, size of the data, accessibility of the data, the size of the data which is stored, amongst others.

The Platform

The primary goal of any app is to be accessible by multiple users. So, when an app developer is creating an app, it is crucial to remember that the mobile platform matters and has a critical role to play in the same. For example, one can choose to focus on android and iOS platform users which are used mainly in any country than giving importance to Windows users. There are mostly three app stores where all the apps are available, the Google Play Store, Windows Store or App Store. Before readily jump into making an app consider your domain or industry, the age group of your target audience, any specific country and thoroughly discuss every segment of the app with your assisting team. Also, remember that the app is the representation of your business or service that you provide and defines the users’ feelings for the same. Hence, user experience and accessibility play a significant role in determining the success of any app.

There are many crucial factors to consider while developing an app besides the pricing, which affects the success of the same. Any application has a better chance of becoming a success is to view all the parts of its individuals, instead of summing it all up together, and begin working on a model. Such an attitude may not work out and might lead to terrible user experience. And, we all know that to start with, we need consumers of the app interacting with it to make our app a success. So while building the app for your business or company, keep these crucial points in mind and work on your original idea.

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