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How to Make Money Online in College

Earning money is something which is becoming increasingly necessary for many students, since the cost of living and tuition is so high. Most of them try and find normal part-time jobs such as waitressing and hotel work in order to hold down a job as well as having enough time to attend classes and do homework, but there is another option. Now, with the internet and the ways we use it growing and changing every day, more and more students are turning to online activities in a bid to earn the money they need to continue on their educational career.

Making money online is good for students in particular for various reasons: it is normally flexible, meaning that students can fit their studies around it, and there are lot of choices, so that everybody can find something which suits them and their abilities; the setup of the internet also allows for people to easily set up their own businesses and lines of enquiry without too much effort.

Start a Blog\Website

Making money on pretty much requires that you have some form of home base in the form of a blog or a website (whichever makes more sense for what you are trying to do online). More than this, the website or blog can itself become the way you earn money. To get started, find a hosting service that you like (theses can range from very cheap to very expensive, and it depends entirely on what you want out of the hosting service). Once this is done, you can get started.

Freelance Writing Online

Freelance writing is growing more and more common, and it is something that students in particular would find useful for earning money. While there are sites like EssayZoo which exist to bring people who write and people who need writing together, with the knowledge that part of a writer’s cut will go to that website in exchange for the online space and the opportunities given, there are plenty of opportunities which would allow somebody to go solo if that is what they want.

Freelance writing covers almost every aspect of writing, from books (self-publish on Amazon!) to blogs of various descriptions (write for travel blogs! Write recipes or knitting patterns!). Writing can encompass anything that you feel you are good at – search around enough, and you will find a niche for yourself eventually.

Write for Businesses Online

This is to an extent covered by the freelance writing section, but it is different from most forms of writing in a number of ways. Businesses are still adapting to the changes which the online world have brought to them, so there is a huge demand for people who can both write in a manner which is appropriate for a business, and which is also useful for an online context. Eventually businesses will most likely into being able to hire people as permanent members of staff for these duties, but until then freelance writers will fill the gap with social media postings, advertising, blogs, website maintenance, and anything else.

Become a Virtual Assistant

The rise of the internet and the digital world around it has also given rise to the phenomenon of the virtual assistant – as the name implies, this is someone who works as an assistant in the virtual world. While this may not make much sense, remember that the internet as a whole has allowed more flexibility in the area of distance working – virtual assistants are people who handle all the tasks that a normal administrative assistant would, except that they are not in the same building as the person they are assisting.

Virtual assistants are popular for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that to all intents and purposes they are freelancers, and not full members of the company who they work for. The skills required to be a virtual assistant are the same as those which are required for an in-house assistant, and can be quickly learned.

Online Design Work

If you are artistic in any way, you can use the digital world to advertise your skills as a graphic designer for people who need a design logo, or possibly letterheads, or whatever your own personal skill level is. There is a lot of demand for designing and redesigning logos online right now, and so there is a lot of money to be made.


Earning money while a student is something which is becoming more and more necessary as time goes on, but the internet is providing more and easier ways in which to do this. There are now hundreds of ways in which people can use the digital world to earn money, though this article only looks at a few of them. The most common one is freelance writing, because there are so many different types of writing – from fiction to business. But there is something online for everyone, no matter their talents, which they can use.

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