Hyve: Taking UK Cloud Servers to a Whole New Level

In the UK, cloud server hosting is a booming business. Choosing a cloud host is a daunting task.  And, Hyve is taking this UK cloud servers business to a different level altogether!

Hyve knows exactly what we want, when and how we want. Hyve to us has been a wonderful experience. Well managed, seamless and cost-effective”, says Jude Taylor, CEO of Broadlight Consultancy.

While choosing a potential list of options in UK cloud servers, Hyve proves to be the best among the lot. It is an entirely UK based provider of cloud hosting where innovation is an everyday habit. Clients often enquire – Why Hyve? Well, they never compromise on three principles – commitment, architecture and value for money.

What more do you need, seriously?

Hyve’s business principles

  • Commitment – One thing that Hyve excels in is their duty towards clients. Time and again, customers often highly spoke of their services. No matter what business you own, big or small, Hyve will go an extra mile to ensure you a seamless experience.
  • Architecture – Here at Hyve, engineering excellence is something they specialise in. Hyve invests in specially designed hardware, making it a top contender among other UK cloud servers. They are the first in the UK to boast an SLA of hardware replacement under 20 minutes! Yes, you heard that right! In just 20 minutes! Unbelievable, isn’t it?
  • Affordable – Pricing has always been a strong point of Hyve. They’re providing these top-notch services at affordable pricing! Besides they ensure transparency and cost-effective solutions for all their clients, regardless of their size.

Moreover, they have terrific load balancing platforms and supreme backup facilities. So no more sweating over data loss! They also provide data recovery services which take just seconds!

So, what makes the difference?

  1. Members in Hyve work in small teams. It helps the company to manage a task quickly and effectively.
  2. One unique thing at Hyve is their assigning an account manager for each of their client. This facilitates business at a personal level.
  3. Thanks to sophisticated technology, Hyve maintains 100% network coverage all the time.
  4. Hyve is the only firm in the UK to provide a 20 minutes hardware replacement guarantee.
  5. Maintaining world-class data centres is a big untold secret behind Hyve’s success.
  6. Being a UK based company; Hyve provides sales and support service through telephonic conversation and ticket system.
  7. Hyve has one of the best rapid response time limits of 15-20 seconds. One of the fastest in the world and quickest in the UK.

Whatever you need, Hyve delivers

Hyve is the only among all UK cloud servers to provide a number of cloud hosting facilities. They have solutions for everything – Private, public, hybrid and managed cloud hosting.

Private cloud

When it comes to private cloud hosting, Hyve provides the best service in the business. From providing total control over servers to implementing strict security measures, Hyve outshines all others. Their infrastructure runs on a VMware platform with zero downtime maintenance. Special care is taken by the company’s experts to run multiple data recovery centres for minimising data loss.

Public cloud

Hyve also provides cloud service to those who lack resources in acquiring a private cloud server. So if you’re new in business, trust in Hyve to provide you with the best in class services in the country. The company host agnostic cloud hosting solution to facilitate a smooth migration from one host to another. Furthermore, they’re continuously updating and improving on a regular basis.

Hybrid cloud

Hyve is among the few clouds hosting firms to use a private and public cloud service in unison. Their hybrid cloud services offer a cost-efficient treatment in managing operation and sensitive data over both the platforms. Moreover, Hyve’s hybrid servers are based in the UK, so it is secure from government backdoors, unlike other UK cloud servers.

Managed cloud

Hyve’s multi-tenant managed cloud servers are the best in business. Running on VMware platform, they deliver raw performance and outperform every other hosting service in the entire nation. This provides higher availability of the virtual engines simultaneously. Higher availability ensures minimal server downtime. The company uses 40 cores CPU on every managed server thus delivering unparalleled server performance.

Quick Fact: Hyve, the only company in the UK offering DDoS defence housed in a 100 GB network.

Our global audience witness traffic spikes at any time. Hyve’s cloud service provides us with unparalleled service. We can rest peacefully fully knowing that our servers are in terrific hands”, says Alex Cruz, CEO of British Airways.

Why Hyve?

Superior performance

Every cable in Hyve uses fibre optics to transmit data at lightning speeds. SSD (Solid State Drives) enables data reading capabilities at a tremendous pace. The hardware built by Cisco provides excellent performance giving Hyve an advantage. VMware provides features like V-motion and DRS that optimises the performance. The primary data centre of Hyve uses Global Switch, a pioneer in connectivity in the UK.

State-of-the-art technology

The company is under constant innovation and implements state-of-the-art infrastructures. The manager of R&D department at Hyve says they strive to be the very best at what they do. They always update their outdated servers to keep up with the growing demand.


Hyve makes the best use of load balancing applications to maintain an uninterrupted and foolproof performance. The customers of Hyve often praise the company’s excessive focus on scaling technology. It does not require any reboot while upgrading the memory. It creates a lag-free experience as there are no disruptions while rebooting. Moreover, Hyve is only among a handful of UK cloud servers suited for every traffic demands.


The load balancer at Hyve is configured under high availability mode ensuring zero disruptions. Firewalls are synchronised to update it automatically in case of device failures. The company makes sure storage area network is resistant to successive disk failures. Now you don’t need to worry about data loss. Hyve’s taking care of it! They even make weekly incremental backups. So, if you’re a Hyve user, reliability isn’t something you need to be concerned of.

Extra support

Being UK-based, Hyve has the edge over other cloud hosting services. They don’t outsource, so there’s no auto-response. Every call is handled by people. This helps in better resolving technical issues. They have also introduced a ticket based system of query solving. It ensures every client gets a chance to talk with an expert. No wonder Hyve has a 100% client satisfaction rate!

Furthermore, they offer 24*7 customer service. They also run the reputation of running cloning technology which migrates a client’s server to another in case of failures.

Unmatched SLA

Possibly, the only one out of all UK cloud servers hosts to deliver 100% network coverage and flawless data processing. The company guarantees 100% service availability thus maintaining exceptional client retention rate.

Industry-leading hardware

Hyve employs the best in industry hardware available. Over the years, the company made no compromise in purchasing the latest devices. This substantial investment ensures clients get the fastest and most efficient equipment that is hard to beat.

Best in class security

Hyve’s DDoS protection system provides real time security against unauthorised connections. VMware segregated firewalls offer added levels of security. The servers pass through rigorous security clearances to maintain a high level of data protection. If you’re worrying about VPN services, you don’t need to look further. Hyve provide PC to server encryption too! Recently, they introduced an intrusion prevention protocol to block any suspicious network activity. Thus, it prevents SQL scripting and data mining.

Are you still thinking of moving onto Hyve?

You shouldn’t be thinking any further! Their drive towards technological advancements makes them an undoubted choice of all UK cloud servers. They boast of having industry-leading partners like Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and HP among others. Teaming up with the best in the fields, the firm aims to achieve the benchmark of cloud hosting. They’ve outperformed AWS and Microsoft Azure regarding disk capacity.

Hyve is taking cloud services to a new level by streamlining day-to-day business processes. It is providing a smooth customer experience by tirelessly improving their digital processes. As Lucia Sandler, an employee of Hyve says, “Hyve servers excel over traditional servers in technology and service”.

A unique thing at Hyve is their billing model. You pay for only what you use. Every package is suited to meet all kinds of requirements. They’re the first company to ever do so in the UK. Hyve’s ‘extra mile’ culture aims to step further into assisting their clients.

If you’re a businessman, you won’t be compromising any disruption in your business activities. Hyve maintains a zero downtime so that you can carry out your usual business process smoothly. Be a high profile company or a low profile client, Hyve will serve you indifferently. Are you still wondering whether to switch to Hyve? Think no further! They’re like no other UK cloud servers. You need to experience it to believe it. So, what’s stopping you?

Better late than never, as they say.

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